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    No one interested? How about for 25 quid?

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    PRICE DROP: £25

    As the title says, it's a 58cm black steel frame, chrome forks, a shimano rear wheel c/w 9spd cassette, tektro brake levers, a lone downtube shifter, some god-knows-what front wheel, one schwalbe durano DD tyre, a 68mm hollow BB, planet X bars, colnago stem, a seatpost and a saddle, and some natty orange bar tape. Ooo and some cables wanging around in the breeze too.
    Hey that's quite a lot of bits for 30 25 quid.

    Collection from SE15, between Nunhead and QRP stations - or I could meet you at either.
    Quick collection appreciated, we're clearing out and moving on.

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    Hey @Big_Sally - why are you calling my mate's wife a swomp (sic) donkey? Aside from being empirically untrue, that's surely one of those ad-hominem attacks you love to accuse everyone who is against you of?

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    As far as I understand it, the Randian philosophy is believing in the rights of the self above all else - to the extent that the world exists only for the self, and can be thought of in the sense that it doesn't exist for anyone but the self. Hence - climate change, resource depletion, the rights of others don't matter unless they directly impact you.
    It's a delightful concept and is incredibly appealing to whiny white incels, it would seem.

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    Sorry, I have only just seen this one sir.

    Yeah, it is a bit pointless really. I tend to RT the articles I've read, so if I need to read them again I know where they'll be.

    don't see how RT mainly from a Black American Economist (Thomas Sowell), a Somalian Ex-Muslim (Ayaan Hirsi Ali), another Black American Economist (Larry Elder) and an Imam (The Imam of Peace, Imam Twahidi) are Alt-Right though.

    Care to explain? Neil says you're a good bloke 'in real life', so I look forward to your response.

    In regards to the other part of your post regarding Socialism, I cannot disagree with you BUT - you're picking out all the good parts!

    Usually what happens in Socialist states is, you get the ruler and ruled. It destroys the mobilised middle-class. The evidence is there for all to see.

    I can list all the countries that have been tore apart by trying to implement socialism if you want?

    That's nice of Neil to say. Neil's a lovely bloke too.

    Your twitter feed has a bunch of seemingly intelligent but mostly GCSE-level socio/economic statements picked out to back up your political position. It's not unusual, I'm sure when I was active on twitter I did a fair bit of the same that marked me out as the centre-left individual I am.

    I kinda feel you're doing exactly the same with your right-wing/libertarianism. You're picking out the bits you like - the ability to work hard and earn money, which lets you look after yourself - whilst ignoring the problems that the high water mark of capitalism is bringing (income inequality, resource diminishment, pollution, climate change, property prices, zero hours contracts, biggest rewards for some of the most useless in society whilst the most useful struggle to make ends meet, etc etc).
    You also seem to be ignoring the Scandinavian models as to how socialist-leaning states can function incredibly well for a happy population.
    I can list a country currently tearing itself apart over a far right-wing agenda, if you like?

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    Good that of my two posts, this was the one you felt warranted the response.