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    What's the 125cc? a friend is in the market

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    I fear I have lost my one and only bike key somewhere over the weekend, initial freak out is over, now what do I do?

    its for a 1996 Yamaha TDR125

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    Hi all after a long month in which I failed to keep up with this sale I am back and keen to find the bike a new owner.

    New location for inspection/pick up is N1 near Haggerston station.


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    Thanks for the interest and complements , can't envisage splitting frame and forks but i'll bear you in mind if that changes!

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    I am selling a complete Tony Greening track bike ridden on track and on route to track only. I hope the new owner will have more opportunity to use it more. The Columbus MAX tubeset is super light, stiff and responsive and really beautiful.

    This is a tall track frame custom made by the Dorset frame builder Tony Greening for the late Rob Jefferies. It would be Ideal for the taller rider, I am 6'3".

    ST - CTT 62cm
    ST - CTC 60cm
    TT - CTC 59cm
    Head tube: 22cm

    Wheels are true, rims have never seen a brake and tyres are still young. Drive chain is in excellent condition. Frame and forks are not drilled for brakes. The paintwork is a very nice subtle sparkly light blue in overall excellent condition however there is some paint damage around the seat stays.

    There is also a minor dent to top-tube due to bar swing.

    Columbus MAX steel frameset and Columbus steel 1" threadless forks
    Phil Wood 36 hole hubs laced to Mavic CXP 12 rims. Rear is fixed/fixed.
    Dura-Ace 15t sprocket with Phil Wood lockring
    Michelin Pro-Race 3 tyres
    Stronglight 170mm chainset (48t chainring)
    Planet X Superlight Team seatpost: 27.2mm - 350mm
    KMC S10 stainless steel chain
    Campagnolo Record headset
    Specialized 120mm stem
    Track drops with harlequin braided black cotton tape job and metal nitto bar ends.
    Crappy black saddle is for photo and sale purposes (ie. proper saddle not included)
    (Pedals not included)

    Inspection welcome off of Old Kent Road near Burgess park.


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    image test

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    Forcing myself to use the motorbike for journeys I would usually use my bicycle on ie. pretty much all of them, is helping a lot, I feel like I’m working things out better each time I go out.

    I’m considering leaving London for the first time next weekend to visit a friend in Cambridgeshire, does anyone have any advice?

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    ah thanks, it inflated fine with track pump!

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    Hi All,

    Thanks for previous advice,

    I am now up and running and enjoying myself. I am still a little nervous mainly due to my inexperience which makes it difficult when a problem comes up to know whether it’s down to my technique/behaviour or the bike – usually its me.

    My current problem: back tyre pressure low, I just tried to inflate it for the second time using the auto air pump at the local petrol station. Cant get it to work, there’s not much to do so I don’t understand what’s going wrong. It works on the front tire but on the back nothing seems to happen, the car driver in the queue behind me couldn’t see anything wrong with what I was doing.

    Any ideas? I guess I can try a pump at another station, might there be a problem with the valve?