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    price drop as this in its box doesn't make a great bedside table after all

    -- 90 ?

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    I have recently bought this lamshade from Haus in Hackney. Didnt pre measure, bought the wrong size. Stupidly I fitted it before realising, so now need to sell it to buy the smaller one.

    Even more stuidky i cut the cord before deciding this, so it is 67cm length which hopefully is ideal for you

    Its the P2 size, dimensions on the below diagrams.

    Currently selling for £217 on HAus, I'd like 140.

    Designed by Monica Förster. Taking inspiration from shaping techniques of the acclaimed sculptor Isamu Noguchi, Monica Förster was keen to create a series of pendant lights in sustainable materials that exude opalescence, lightness and grace.
    The Lullaby pendants are made from stone paper with ash lamellae. The stone paper is fashioned into pentagonal, yet slightly organic-looking shapes using five slender ash lamellae. The ash gives the soft stone paper stability, which translates as a lamp with both shape and character. The shade's depth and sharp, inward tuck along its lower edge ensure that the light from the pendant doesn't dazzle.

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    No worries at all, thanks for the itnet st good luck with the hunt.

    I’ve found a buyer now through a friend so all good my end too.


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    having gone to hoover it i have actually found the underside cracked, would be splintable and would be fine with careful use (ie not jumping) but id be happy to take 50 given that. I hadnt realised it was broken so clearly doenst have an effect on its normal use! I need it gone today though i think really though so let me know if you are keen, cheers

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    No problems let me know. I’ll be in tomorrow if you want to pop by and have a look. It’s a great sofa and priced with a view of a hopefully quick sale so I can get back to only having one sofa again!

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    Marks and Spencer Sofa Large 2/3 Person + Footstall -

    Old version of the current Bermuda sofa i think.


    • width 196 cm
      -depth 90 cm
    • height 68 cm

    Bloody comfy, and is long enough for one person to sleep on. As it is unpadded arms its pretty space efficient too. Footstall also great to double as L shape or an extra seat if guests around. Has been an all round win but I've moved flat and now have a new one.

    Non smoker, non pet household. Multiple bikes obvs, but these dont tend to frequent said sofa

    Based in Hoxton let me know if you want to view this weekend I'd like to shift by Sunday


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    I’m up for one of these from the next batch, keep me posted!