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    Can this be a python thread now?

    I'm learning python... sort of...self taught as I await to go on a course.

    Question... I've managed to do a fair amount of googling and have this thing that attempts to do a VLOOKUP in a csv that has a very simple list of callsigns and station names i.e.


    and so on... here's what I have.

    import csv
    callsign = input("Please enter the callsign ")
    stations = csv.reader(open('stations.csv', 'r'))
    for row in stations:
        value = row[0]
        if value == callsign:
            print (value + " = " + row[1])

    I've tried to add a last line saying

           print("Callsign invalid")

    but it just ends up printing every row that is invalid and then one row with the Station Name

    any help please? I promise not to inundate with questions, but SO is a bit overwhelming at this n00b stage

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    always.. but rust a bit worrying

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    i see what you did there

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    spotted @skoota, in Amsterdam, on a billboard, wearing a bra, from a canal boat...!

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    friend is getting rid of this on FB, free.. but you collect from London

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    phone's been ringing off the hook today with people trying to reserve one of those sets.

    with no success I take it

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    I didn't give up the 9-5 but I ditched private sector (data analytics in banking/market research) and started working for the London Fire Brigade. As it so happens I got super lucky and my new job was better paying than the maternity cover position I had in market research. Work in the LFB is much more fulfilling and I feel (apologies for cliché) like I am making a difference.

    My 'hobby' in Greece was as an operational firefighter in the volunteer fire service--7 years not paid a single penny--being able to use that experience alongside 'career' skills of data analytics was not only the reason I considered the switch in the first place but also a huge factor in me getting more job satisfaction. Moving industries was scary as hell but I have zero regrets, even when public sector politics, inefficiencies, bureaucratic processes etc bear their ugly head. Not sure what the future holds, but currently I wouldn't go to the private sector even if my salary was doubled. Days like yesterday reinforce my beliefs that I'm in the right place and my colleagues are awesome.

    My takeaway: don't be scared to try and turn your hobby into a career even if you've accepted there's no money in it, there is. In actual fact the result is that you'll be far more motivated and engaged than anywhere else and if all goes well that will result in more money, promotions, job satisfaction and all the other things, including time to ride my fucking bike. :)

    As it happens we're also hiring in my team if any data analytics geeks fancy it ;)