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    I definitely borrowed it from @Airhead but here goes...

    I make 500ml at a time...
    400ml distilled water
    100ml rubbing alcohol
    1-2 drops of Tergitol 15-S-3
    1-2 drops of Tergitol 15-S-9
    6-10 drops of Triton X-100 surfactant

    All those chemical agents I found on ebay quite cheap. I went for a "large" bottle of the X-100 as it was more cost-effective.

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    Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless TW3

    Need the case only.
    As left on the train this morning.

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    Some cool jazz fests popping up over the next few months:

    New Generation Jazz at the Ropetackle (Shoreham-by-Sea) - 3 consecutive Wednesdays (booh) starting with Camilla George and Romarna Campbell on 1st Feb.

    Brick Lane Jazz festival - April 14-16th massive hotter than hot line-up including Ashley Henry, Jas Kayser, Seed. etc...

    Watford Jazz Junction festival - May 18-21st including Zara McFarlane, Omar, Xhosa Cole Quartet...

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    Not of lot of hip hop (there's 1 x Afrika Bambaataa, IIRC).
    It's mostly bundled up with a lot of electronic stuff, acid/house/techno/...

    I've got some much better stuff in 12" available that I'll be adding after the w/e probably.

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    Used records get a spray of water/isopropyl alcohol (with a tiny squirt of washing up liquid), scrub with a soft nailbrush, and rinse under a tap.

    This method is fine. I do something not too dissimilar. I make my own solution (based on previous recommendation by @Airhead ) and use a soft-bristle paint pad to get my solution into the groove.
    However I only use distilled water (mixed with rubbing alcohol). London water being so hard I wouldn't rinse a record with it.

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    1/1/23 - 72.2 kg [BMI = 26.50 = moderately overweight]
    15/1/23 - 71 kg
    23/1/23 - 70.2 kg [BMI = 25.7 = less moderately overweight]

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    Next is a bundle of T-Rex singles (all 7")
    Condition is mostly VG+
    All generic sleeves (3 are of the EMI T-Rex variety)
    Name in pen on label

    • New York City / Chrome Sitar
    • Light of love / Explosive mouth
    • Telegraph Sam / Cadilac / Baby strange
    • 20th Century boy / Free angel
    • Truck on (Tyke) / Sitting here
    • The groover / Midnight
    • Dreamy lady / Do you wanna dance / Dock of the bay
    • Teenage dream / Satisfaction pony
    • Hot love / Woodland rock / The king of the mountain cometh

    All 9 for £20
    Postage/Collection as above.

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    Next is a bundle of wonderful 70's Glam Rock singles (all 7")
    Condition is VG/VG+
    Generic paper sleeves
    Name in pen on label

    Suzi Quatro x 7
    Sparks x 6
    Roy Wood x 1
    Wizzard x 1
    Hello x1
    Marrakesh x 1

    All 17 for £17
    Postage/Collection as above.