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    I asked if you were. I didn't say you were. Look:

    Based on your self confessed bigotry, I don't believe this is an unreasonable question.
    Of course, you don't have to tell us, it's none of our business, and everyone is entitled to an opinion, right?

    As far as I remember "take it back where you came from" are your words. What my country of origin has to do with it ?

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    It's not extremism, is being narrow-minded.
    It's not RIGHT to deny people rights because of sexuality, gender, race etc. It's called bigotry and makes you an odious individual which makes the world a worse place to live in.
    Are you racist and misogynist as well as homophobic?

    So now I am racist too?

    As like I said , I'm not against anyone's preferences and tastes. And I am not telling you what's right or wrong.

    And yes I will attend one of the "beers" in the near future. And "Dancing James" will be the first to know it, if he wishes to meet me in person. Where I hope we can have a good and civilised talk.

    And I hope it end here...

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    Not if your opinion is wrong

    What makes you better than any extrEmist out there?

    And what is "right" for that matter?

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    Yep, was watching it. Missed it. idiot


    try auction sniping tools.
    works for me , there are few "free" ones on the internet. There is a limit of free bids per month of course.

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    After couple of pages of ranting me and blaming me for my views, I see no reason of not at least trying to explain my actions.As my "popularity" on this forum, cant sink no lower regardless of this post. Many of you might not understand or choose not to, I dont ask you to.
    All of us entitled to our opinions and I am to mine.

    In "Any question answered" thread I had expressed my views and was received quite a lot of negative feedback. OK , fine. I got it . /end

    Did "dancing james" had to harass me on my other threads?! What was his point? Send me a "PM" expressing how much you "like" me , and there was no point on haunting me throughout the forum.

    • on the thread I'd created.
      I may have done it hastily without giving it a second thought and choice of words was poor. I admit it .
      I just don't like when people are so "in your face" about their ideas, thoughts and all. I have nothing against anyone's tastes or preferences as I simply don't care! And I am not the Vatican Pope to tell you what's good or bad.
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    Due to the high demand from certain people to talk on this topic, someone had to open this thread. In order to keep other threads "clean".

    feel free to post your opinion on people's sexuality, like and dislike, opinions, phobias and so on.