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    1000 euros aero wheel in the hands of a 16year old doing skids...hmhm makes sense.

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    Hello! You were of big help when I had to choose my first single speed (fixed), and when I was rebuilding a very old frame (custom paint + total build).

    I come back, because I took the occasion of changing bike (I am leaving my fuji classic), and to know a bit more of this 'urban single speed' world. I know London and England in general has a lot in common with velodromes, track races, and 'urban fixies' if that's the name.

    Now, the thing is: the word hipster. I know the meaning of the word and concept, but I don't really have it clear what does it have to do with riders and bikes.

    And anyway my question is: now it is quite some time single speed and fixed gears have been very common in the cities outside the oval tracks...but what is the point of mounting 1000 euros wheels (HED, ZIPP) to do funny tricks like no hand trackstands and so on?

    I like the kind of bike, it is really the one I prefer for the city. I have ridden all kinds of bikes, and I find a single speed the best for the streets. Comfortable, light, fast, low maintainance. I would never go without brakes as I think skidding is not safe enough (?).

    But anyway, you know more than me...could you give me a picture of what it is like now? Doesn't matter if I live in a totally different place (switzerland), your explanation could still be very helpful. All the videos on youtube show track bikes and components, used in a way that has nothing to do with 'racing' or even 'riding'.


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    Hello! It's been a long time since I last wrote a post here. You helped me choose my first single speed (a fuji track which I am pretty happy with) and gave me advice with a previous cheap build I did for my girlfriend starting from a very old and rusty bike


    now I got an old, in bad condition, woman bike and I wanted to try some kind of cruiser. The main reason why I got this bike is because it was for free and because I want to see in my country how they do the powder coating. With my previous build (link above) I did the paint myself (spray), but I was on the phone with some people that could powder coat (after peeling off the paint) the frame. The cost was very very cheap (between 25 and 50 euros) which didn't encourage me....I didn't want to risk it. Now I have this 'new' frame, and I can use it as a test for this company that can do the powder coating. If they do it well, I may use the same company for more expensive frames in the future.

    The bike is this one


    I know that is nothing....I will use it only as a test and to do a bit of practice. Final result should be a comfortable ride for guests or for me when I don't want to go fast with the fuji. High handlebar, nice saddle, a bit of colours, leather grips or something like that. Maybe mudguards, of course singlespeed, with fatter tires than what it has now.

    In your opinion, can it turn into something 'beautiful' ? What components would you suggest? And obviously I wouldn't buy anything expensive...something nice but cheap. Thank you !

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    thank you...I'll try to choose from the photos. Cinelli Lola are not easy to find...I find them only on ebay.it otherwise the price goes very high (I am Italian).

    Anyway...I am very new to this kind of bars...besides the fact that I don't really know whether all the brake levers are compatible with all those bars (inner diameter plays a role?) or not....is there a tutorial on how to route the cable hose? I know that some bars have a hole for it and some haven't

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    I have had my fuji classic track for some months now and it turned out to be pretty cool for my first fixed gear bike. I solved my problems with the old bent spider, now that I am 'tired' of my drop bars I would like to change them.

    I was thinking of cinelli lola, until now I have used normal brake levers mounted on the drop bars just close to the stem. With the cinelli lola I am not sure the brake levers would fit in the same way...and also, once I get the Lola I would like to try putting the levers on the bar ends.

    So: you all know the fuji classic track, unfortunately I don't have photos of mine (I'll take one soon).

    Anyway: I guess putting the levers on the bar ends would mean doing the brake cables again...the front cable will sure be too short for the new bars.

    I need advice in this sense: what bars can you suggest (sorry I can't remember the name in english of the kind the Lola are...) besides the cinelli Lola, and what brake levers ?

    Thank you!

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    I don't know if I really like drop bars. I'ìm going to buy grips for drop bars, and see how is the feeling without the bar tape.

    But what about other kinds of bars? Do you think I could put a cinelli pepper on my fuji? I would like a riser, not wide. I was also considering bullhorns...i know the cinelli lola, but alternatives are welcome.

    I would anyway continue using normal brake levers (at the moment with the drop bars I have them very close to the stem).

    Cinelli are also cheap and don't seem to be very easy to find. A good stem would be also a good advice (shorter than the one I have would be much better for the riser). Black or white, both are good, I don't seek no fancy colours but no silver.

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    well i wanted those BLB track pedals i bought cos BMX pedals would have looked too big on my fuji....I am happy with the solution: the pedal is small (the snafu small would have been a good choice too), and the straps are strong. I set them large enough to put the foot in without too many efforts. The problem is that I have many different shoes....some of them are really 'big', some of them are quite small (some lacoste or vans for the summer...which are very thin and light). Which is the correct setup for the straps? I mean is there some kind of rule that you can follow to establish if the straps are set too tight or too loose ? I'll post soon photos of my bike....I like very much how it is turning after my small 'edits'.