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    Ok...so long as it's natural lime green, natural cerise pink, natural pillar box red, natural bright orange, or light grey...I can sort you out. :)

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    I saw the cargo bike near viccy park the other day. Made my Omnium look tiny! :)

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    I can give you truck tarp if that's any use? still got a few colours. it's 150cm wide.

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    Nice Omnom on insta...

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    You're my covid severity gauge. If I see you around when I'm out on deliveries I know my finances will still be fucked for another month. 😂

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    Yes! i had to wind the bolt out about an inch and a half because i was literally sitting on the seatpost clamp!😂

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    Ahhh...those were the days....the old Chocolate Donkey! 😍

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    Thanks to Covid foiling my plans to fund the continued prototyping and development of the new BRP products with my second job, by causing me to lose my first job, I've been doing whatever I can to keep money coming in. This has included selling my track bike and various pieces of studio equipment.
    Besides the titanium mugs, one of the other things I had already planned to do pre-covid was a new tee and hoodie design...so I commissioned an artist whose work I really liked to do a portrait of me, but make me look way more attractive!

    Both the tees and the hoodies will feature the portrait on the back, and a matching custom designed BRP logo on the left chest, in a two part grey and black print.

    I decided to switch to a different brand of hoodie for this run, which are still heavy weight, but instead of being 50% cotton/50% poly, these are 80% cotton/20% poly. According to my supplier this should result in less 'bobbling', but slightly less 'stretch'.
    Compared to the previous Gildan version which some people had fit issues with, these have slightly narrower bodies, but both the arms and bodies are a full 'cuff' length longer(approx 3"), which should be a good thing for us cyclists. They are also bartacked on the pocket corners, feature metal eyelets at the cord entry, and use flat cords instead of laces.
    To keep things simple they will be pullover only.
    The hoodie size chart is as follows...(sorry, there's no sleeve lengths, but they're longer than the equivalent Gildan)

    Chest To Fit (ins)
    XS 36
    S 38
    M 40
    L 42-44
    XL 46
    2XL 48-50

    I'm also upgrading the tees to Gildan Hammer which have a softer feel and taped neck and shoulder seams.
    The tee size chart is as follows...

    Sizes Width (IN) Length (IN) Sleeve Center Back (IN)
    S 18 28 15.63
    M 20 29 17
    L 22 30 18.5
    XL 24 31 20
    2XL 26 32 21.5
    3XL 28 33 22.88

    Due to the cost of commissioning the artwork, the extra print process required, and the upgraded garments, I've had to increase the prices slightly...
    Tees £23 inc p&p
    Hoodies £43 inc p&p

    If you would like one please copy and paste the list below and add your forum name, Tee or Hoodie, and size.
    Paypal into blackrainbowproject@hotmail.co.uk (Please include your real name, forum name, garment type and size, and shipping address on the paypal message.) and then update the list with PAID next to your slot.

    Assuming the list reaches the minimum 20 I can then place the order.
    The tees and hoodies will then be packed and shipped out to your chosen address as soon as they arrive with me.
    Thanks in advance! Your help and support are both much needed, and much appreciated.
    All the best!


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    I'm happy to see these starting to make their way towards some adventures instead of sitting in a box in my workshop, and it's been nice being able to meet a few people face to face to hand them over. :)