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    My personal favourite lie of his: Claiming that no Americans realised that Lincoln was a republican until he told them.

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    BCA (building control alliance) guidance. (To the best of my knowledge this is up to date)

    Window restrictors
    It is often proposed that window restrictors are fitted to window openings
    with low cill heights, in order to provide protection from falling.
    However, restrictor devices that are commonly fitted to windows would
    not be suitable because they can be released (by a key or manually) to
    allow the window to open more than 100mm. This leaves the potential for
    a window to be left in the open position and people (including children)
    would not then be afforded adequate protection from falling required un-
    der Part K.
    However, “permanent” restrictors (those that cannot be released and
    would not allow an opening where a 100mm sphere could pass through)
    may be suitable. This type of restrictor, as well as the frame and glazing
    used in combination would need to be capable of resisting the loads de-
    tailed in BS 6399. However, this may be difficult to demonstrate by struc-
    tural calculation, and would most likely require a full scale load test of the
    window arrangement fitted with the proposed permanent restrictor device.
    The glazing would need also need to provide adequate impact resistance,
    typically by the use of toughened or laminated glazing, further guidance
    can be found in BS6180.
    However, even where the use of permanent restrictors can be justified structurally, they may affect the minimum
    purge ventilation requirement under the guidance in the Approved Document to Part F. That guidance requires
    a minimum of 1/20th floor area of the room served in openable window (height x width of opening part where the
    window opens 30 degrees or more). Where the window opens between 15 and 30 degrees that area needs to
    be doubled (i.e. 1/10th floor area of room served).
    Therefore, it may not be a feasible alternative unless there is another window in the room that is suitably guard-
    ed and can provide the necessary ventilation.
    A permanent restrictor would also prevent the window used for escape purposes, so for this to be acceptable
    one of the alternative options a) to c) described above under the section titled ‘Conflicts between barrier height
    and means of escape’ would need to be provided.

    From attached document

    TLDR: use of window restrictors can effect minimum ventilation requirements specified in fire regs. They can do one.

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    Either that or the stiletto one that is very similar for full on hammer pron points, the face on the stiletto is changable so you can swap between a smooth and milled face without spending another 200 plus notes on a second hammer. Or you can do what a mate of mine did; not notice that the face is unscrewing and then spend half a day searching the site for it, not finding it, and having to fork out £90 for a replacement.

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    Correct but it only took us chippies about 3 millennia to figure this out.

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    I haz a titanium hammer. #trufax

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    Most skirting boards confirm to one of about 8 profiles

    (Handy guide to some of them)

    The bad news is that while it is easy to find an approximate match for most skirtings it's actually very difficult to find an exact match as radiuses (radia?) Change depending on the material they're made from and the method of manufacture and if you don't have the tools to produce a specific radius it's gets very expensive very quickly (spindle moulder bits ain't cheap).

    The good news is that if you can find an approximate match most people dont notice the fact that profiles aren't exactly identical, especially if they meet at a corner.

    TLDR depends on how anal you are Vs how deep your pockets are

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    I don't have enough kpop for this shit.


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    If you look at the underside of the table do the boards line up with what's on the top?

    It's interesting; someone has gone to a lot of effort to make it look like a breadboard construction table top. If the substrate is solid elm then the effort that has gone into the construction probably cost more for a less durable product than if they'd actually made a breadboard table top from solid elm!

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    there's a proper wooden (I suppose elm) board underneath, and judging by the way it's coming up it's just been glued down.

    It's thin decorative wood glued to a substrate therefore it's a veneer.

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    Hard to tell from the photos but it looks to be ~ a 2mm veneer that is cupping badly. Replacing it will be difficult as you will struggle to get anything to match the level of wear and grain raising that is there. Although it does look like someone has tried something in the past, that rectangular patch that has been pinned in place is a bit weird.

    Can you push the edges of the veneer flat without hearing any nasty cracking sounds?

    If so you could try flooding the area underneath with some wood glue titebond II or III would be ideal then clamp the edges of the veneer down with some cauls, or if you can; borrow a vacuum bag and pump. There is no guarantee this will work but if it does I'd consider flooding the edges of the veneer with some medium consistency CA glue and then using an accelerator to set it . After this you will need to protect the veneer from further moisture damage a good quality varnish would work but you'll need at least 3 coats. You could also consider sealing it with some low viscosity expoxy.