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    Jonny69 1x PI neon pink 1x neon green
    Aroogah - 2 x PI in Neon Pink and 2 x Clint Neon Orange
    zazkar 3x PI variety of best colours please
    Mark - 3x PI neon pink, neon lime, reflective. If the mix is a pita dealers choice.
    aglet - 3×PI — pink, reflective silver & a surprise please
    paininthe - x3 variety
    moocher - 3x PI + 2x Clint dealers choice
    ElGonzo - 2x PI in Neon Pink
    ArfurPill - 2x PI in Neon Pink

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    Lion handlebar harness and lioness pocket sold.

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    Wildcat bags, all brand new and unused with instructions. Postage and PayPal fees included.

    Details at wildcat.cc although I’m not sure they do the lioness any more?

    Tiger saddle harness, Drover version for 5-10 litre drybags. Comes with a tapered 5-11 litre Wildcat Drybag but will work with any Drybag. I’d rather sell the 2 together as I’ve no other use for the Drybag. £70 posted.

    Lion handlebar harness and lioness pocket to go on the front. Again, works with any 8-12 litre Drybag. Includes an 8 litre Exped bag. As above, I’d rather sell the 2 together unless someone wants the lioness separately. £80 posted.

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    I’m working for an insurance company and they’ve got no plans to go back to the office before the new year at least. Wife’s firm is the same.

    Not sure I could be arsed with all of the one way system, queue for the toilets, Perspex screen crap tbh.

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    Flaunt day in Southampton as well. Loads of the little fuckers flying awkwardly into me on my (pre-booked) trip to the recycling centre.

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    More bits to clear out. All prices include postage as I'm in Southampton.

    5800 11 Speed 11-28 Cassettes:-
    1 x minimal use, £15 posted
    1 x some use, but looks fine except lock ring graphics faded, £12 posted

    Bell Super 3 Helmet - £35 SOLD
    Brand new, boxed, worn once by son to use the camera mount, never crashed or dropped. Nice helmet, lots of coverage, removable camera mount, works with glasses or goggles, can take a jaw add-on to become full face apparently. Root beer colour, Medium (55-59cm).

    TORM Jersey and Arm Warmers - £30 SOLD
    Black, XXL, perfect condition.

    6800 Ultegra short cage rear mech - £12 SOLD
    Some knocks and scrapes but works perfectly

    BR-RS505 Hydraulic Shifters - £70 posted
    Some minor scuffs and the 'Shimano' is wearing from the fronts but otherwise fine. Brand new attachy ring things.

    SRAM Red X-Glide CX Chainrings 46/36T - £50 posted
    Brand new, mounted but unused.

    Pictures here:- https://photos.app.goo.gl/NBaGFCHNqUJuLB­7NA

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    Any recommendations for the Chrome stuff? Are the shorts and jackets decent?

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    First PMQs with MPs back and already Johnson is playing to the crowd with chest thumping bollocks about “40000 hard working track and tracers” rather than acknowledging any actual issues