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    Bought a couple - cheers for sorting these!

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    That is gutting - poor guy.

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    Was near Highbury & Islington Tube.

    I imagine one could find all sorts of weird and wonderful things in the bushes around New River Estate!

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    Hi guys,

    My long-serving Langster was nabbed from our block's bike room in Islington this week. Two locks. CCTV. Coded door. Bleurgh...

    It's matt black, with the stickers removed and covered in reflective stars. Fixed gear only. Miche Primato cranks. Monkeylight on the back wheel. No saddle when taken. 105 brake calipers.

    If you see it, I'd be grateful if you gave me a heads-up.

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    Hi all,

    I'm looking for a chainset to replace my Sugino Messenger 42t. It's done about 20,000m and is starting to rinse chains quite rapidly. I'm happy to go a bit bigger ring-wise (oo-er).

    Let me know if you have anything that might be a suitable replacement.


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    Definitely interested in this. Will put me name down depending on commitments.

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    Returning to LFGSS riding after some time off...

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    Looking forward to this. Will be a chance to fire up my new monkeylight too :D

    Also looking forward to The Botanist!

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    Sounds ace-cakes - will do me best to be there and bring people.

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