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    Sir Harold Evans - aged 92

    There's a great documentary called 'Attacking the Devil' about his campaign to expose the thalidomide scandal

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    That was a lot of fun. Thanks for organising and leading us.
    Lovely meeting everyone / seeing people again.
    @hollow__legs had got some great photos from the night on Instagram (hope he doesn’t mind me saying)
    @timbre (is it pronounced ‘timbre’ or ‘timbre’?) hope your bike and shoulder are okay.

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    @user80342 / @MotherGirl I know you're having issues logging on but if you could pm me about picking up the stem that would be swell.

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    I'm in.

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    Thanks man. This has helped a lot. It's still tight as anything in there but the wheels turn.

    Thanks all. I think ultimately a new fork is the answer but at least this gets things back on the road.

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    I did try this, but because of the angle it pushes it further into wheel. I was wondering if uneven (so one side fatter than the other) washers existed to act as a wedge?

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    I'm trying to put some larger tyres on a Dolan Precursa with Alpina forks. Apparently people are successfully riding around on 28mm tyres.

    I've got 25mm tyres on the wheel at the moment and there's plenty of clearance.

    But when I put the brakes callipers on instead of sitting against the forks like:

    it sits like this:

    forcing the brakes to lean onto the tyre:

    I've tried 3 different sets of callipers 2 of which say they clear 28mm. It feels like maybe the brake hole in the fork isn't as flush as it should be.
    Has anyone got a cunning solution? can i file the top of the brake hole to level it off? is that a terrible idea?

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    A slightly dusty old bike that's been sat inside our communal hall for years needs a new home.
    Would prefer it to go to a charity or something if that's possible?
    Step through frame, tyres that seem to hold air last time I checked. It's got brakes, mudguards, might even have working gears (no guarantees)

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    Excellent. I'll start with some new brakes.