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    1. Spot now free, decided I'll prob be to hungover after watching my mates cage fight. Troxy tonight from 6pm if anyone's cup of tea, think there's still tickets.
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    So my mate wants to come along but wants to know if he will be laughed at on his carrera crossfire hybrid? :-) Also no ones said where in the park were meeting yet?
    Also is anyone else turning up Hung over?

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    Errrm couple of questions, never been grenwich park so where abouts we meeting in it, also the most I've ridden before is 70 miles on my road bike (fuji team 1.0). What should I ride this? Or my charge plug?

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    41. Ho (aka fuji track comp with the aerospokes) looks like a nice route, and i live at both end! haha
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    Hey what you got left here? i'll take the rear wheel, bb, cranks and the saddle if available???

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    Just bought an early 80's Falcon strada frame its 531, no forks though.. not sure if i have the technical know how to try and make it into a working bike. but gonna give it a good try

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    My mate rushed into bank on highbury islington bike by door turned his back for 2 seconds someone grabbed it and run out he gave chase and caught him on the roundabout chinned him, got away caught him again but guy ended up getting away no one helped?

    My mate was gonna chase after him but then realised he had left his bag in the bank which caused a security alert!

    Least he got his bike back and the thief got a smash!!

    Mate you know what the scum bag looked like I live around there, keep my eyes peeled for other potential nicked bikes :-)

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    Around 6:50pm, yellow track frame, heading South but maybe stopped at that damn temporary traffic light? If so, that was me, heading home.

    Yep that was the one, was you. Those traffic lights have been there far too long! :-)

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    Saw someone wearing theirs in Notting Hill by Latimer Rd Tube, was gonna shout out the window but thought it might scare the shit out of the guy. looked cool though wish i had one :-)