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    My cap of choice too. Very comfy, though leaves odd tan lines on my bald head. After many runs and many washes, the peak is a bit, errrr, floppy. Ended up buying another two

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    I've got some that are 30-50 hours which makes it hard to justify spending a credit on a typical 5 hour book

    I really suffer with this. Blurb sounds really good, check how long it is, <9hours.
    I'm not using my credit point on that!!

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    There's an older Indian woman who works on the checkout at my local Sainsbury's who has multiple Hindu swastikas on her hands. I know they are the Hindu version but it still feels pretty wild seeing them as she scans your items.
    (i have no point here, but as we're mentioning swastika tattoos....)

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    Thanks for the replies Zebra_Cyclist, Airhead and TW (very good point about not connecting it to my head!!).

    Got three other wall lights in another room that are wanting replacing and they are still in place. Was thinking of seeing how they are wired-up and making a decision.
    However, while relatively handy with DIY, electricity is a little scary.
    Will likely just get someone in.

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    Hi, looking for some forum electrical help. 

    Want to fit two wall lights. Old ones have been removed (by someone else in the past). 
    This has left with cables coming out the wall. One set of cables is a single cable with three wires. This seems straight forward, just plug each cable into the correct hole on the light fitting. 

    However, the other set of cables is actually two cables coming out the wall (each with a set of 3 wires). 

    Now initially I thought I can just jam each of the two (say blue) wires into their corresponding (neural) fitting on the new light etc etc. However, looking a few vids online, i'm now thinking that one of these goes to the light switch and as such I need some funky wiring setup. Previously there was a single light fitting located at this point. Both lights are controlled by a single switch.  

    Question is whether my initial assumption was correct or do I need some sort of junction/'rose' setup? And if it is the latter, any pointers. 

    Thanks in advance. 

    edit - photo added

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    I am currently following this type of training. I run at 75% of my max HR (150bpm - max@200bpm). When I started out in Nov19 I was 'running' at 7:10 mins per km (11:35ish min per mile), which was pretty much shuffling along. All my runs were at this effort. Recently got a PB in terms of pace at this effort of 5:08 mins per km (8:19ish min per mile).

    In Nov19 did a 5k Parkrun (Tooting Bec) in 25:26. Last week I did a 5k Time Trial (same course as Tooting Bec ParkRun) and took 20:58.

    Going at this effort has meant that I have been able to ramp up volume to where I am covering around 120ish km per week, and to generally avoid injury. Having said that, have had to take a few days off as I have a knot in my back which feels like i've been stabbed!!

    Either way, lowHR training is working out well for me. Key things you need for it though are, consistency, volume, patience and trust in the method.

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    Did read that tight fitting tops negate nip chaf. This is the really proper tight fitting stuff (almost compression fit). My physique no way allows for this, so alternatives were sought

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    no exact science, but i've got a couple of tops which are more sheer/less textured than others. They seem to cause less of a problem, though if sweat or rain is involved then all bets are off.

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    I really suffer with this. Some tops make it worse than others. Also, if i'm sweating a lot, say through hotter weather then makes things worse.
    I cut out squares of cheapo KT tape (from Lidl) and put a smaller square of of soft tissue paper (bog roll) in the middle (to protect my nip). Easier/less painful to remove than sticky plasters.
    Not tried body glide etc.

    Topless you do look like and feel, a bit weird. But it works amazingly well.