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    I was involved in a road incident on 22nd of May, 2018 at around 18:30 – 19:30
    Location: Lee Bridge Rd and High Rd Leyton junction

    After the training session in Essex I was riding towards Hackney. I occupied the space between the pavement and the cars standing in a traffic. At speed 30 - 35km/h I was approaching the Lee Bridge Rd and High Rd Leyton junction with an intention to go straight across towards Hackney. Well, it was a matter of a second when the car (which I did not see before) turning right from opposite side of the road accelerated (driver did not see either) and appeared in front of me and then collision happened. I managed to put all my power to squeeze the brake levers for a 0.01sec. then ram in to the car and after this I was simply flying over it. Have no idea where my bike landed, my body flipped once in the air and I ended up with landing on my left leg, hip, arm and face.

    After eight hours in a hospital last night, many x-rays, CT scans and catheters I am now home with a small metacarpal bone fraction, aching entire body and some bruises everywhere. Insanely lucky... Though I haven't seen my bike yet. Which build was completed just 5 days ago :)

    I was informed by the police officers that in this case I am wrong by choosing the wrong part of a road. Regarding the fact that there was no bicycle lane (which by the way ended up just 200meters earlier and is located next to the pavement) I supposed to be moving together with the cars or occupying the space between the cars and the middle line of a road. Which makes sense as it's apparently safer part of the road but it wasn't in this case. I also did not know that safely occupying the outer part of traffic lane is mandatory if there is no bicycle lane. What do you guys know about it?

    I am now thinking of collecting all the evidence and sending it all to the driver's insurance company. I've got driver's details, insurance and crime reference numbers. There is damage done to my clothes, probably the bike as well the accident has effected my ability to work for the next one or two weeks. Do you think I should get in touch with the insurance company or firstly try reaching out the driver and try to make a private deal with it?

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    The price is very good for what it is. Good luck

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    Good advice with the Brick Lane market on Sunday. Thanks Beagle!

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    Stolen dark brown Cambium C15 with a silver Thomson Elite 27.2 seatpost. From Ace Hotel in Shoreditch; 16th of May. Cambium has a big scratch on the nose.

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    Well, they're really just practical chainrings lacking style. They are good for track but not a world of the trends :)