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    So the camp site is at the exact same spot as the pick up courts, but the tournament courts will be up north, Might be a 30 min / 1 hour ride , idk

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    Hi lpc

    Just asking there who is up for munich ?

    It is me and jimmy atm looking for a second half of a team.

    Accomodation : munich offers a link to the closest camping site. No booking needed and cheap rates. I think they even provide tents or mobile home.

    Alternatively , should we book a luxurious rbnb ?

    Transport : anyone driving there ? There might be a caravan going from paris to munich.

    Please post there your availability or your team line up if you already have one .
    Link of ehbpa fb page https://m.facebook.com/eurohardcourt/?ts­id=0.13745243408823804&source=result

    Link of the event website (camping site link innit)

    Bisous, benji

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    Hey yall,

    As mentioned on the whats app group, i would be down for some fund raising movez.

    I ve participated in planning stuff like this in my previous clubs, and depending on the country, the legal statuts of the polo club would allow a range of manifestation.

    You might also have a calendar of events and stuff already going.

    So please let me know what have been done and what can be done !

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    Incorrect. If the player is, in the view of the referee, deliberately obstructing play, there's a whole range of penalties available, depending on where the ball finishes up, and what the game situation is.


    DO IT

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    "Total shots - Hooks 19, CMD 25.

    Shots on 2+ goalies - Hooks 15, CMD 10.
    ...which led to losing possession - Hooks 11, CMD 5
    ...which led to a goal - Hooks 1, CMD 2*

    Less than 2 goalie shots - Hooks 4, CMD 15
    ....which led to losing possession - Hooks 4, CMD 9
    ....which led to a goal - Hooks 0, CMD 2*"

    nice stats u put up there. to me it shows how CMD have learnt how to take advantage of the double goalie situation :as shown at 7:42 , if willou got BP , polo duty is to : 1°block the first layer goalie so he cannot interact with will trajectory 2° hook the real goalie mallet if possible .

    woods get caught off guard with this set up, when he realize its already too late : polo is already parked for a solid block , in a way that there is no way of pushing him off balance with a regular body / forearm check, leading woods to use is steering hand to push him off.

    this CMD tactic is pretty clean and , i think there is a more efficient and legit way to defend against it but you have to see it coming( more spreaded defense, take on polo before he gets in the zone and block him ,shit goalie could even leave his spot to harass will + goalie swap because once the set up is on you two guys are useless ). you can be sure that if the double defense is too tight, it will give polo advantage due to his huge size he can hassle the two goalie by himself.

    note that woods is defending as a lefty , if he was posted as a righty , heading same way as the goalie, polo would have parked along side to him ,allowing him for a easier mallet hooking on the goalie.[edit] you can see a clear exemple of this situation when CMD score their first goal on the same video.

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    i m looking for a team i ll be coming there regardless

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    one question actually : is the booster plate is able to adapt v brakes on race frame ? no cantilever studs just the hole for race brakes.
    @rik i m very interested but i need it before the end of the month, i have no problem with shipping.

    i m also having problem finding 22teeth freewheel singlespeed around here in toulouse, if by any chance you have one laying around ...