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    Looking to buy a kids bike: Frog 52/Islabike/Early Rider/Hoy Bonaly or equivalent. My little boy is 116cm tall, so I'm thinking 20inch wheels.

    Anyone selling a bike in good condition?


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    Hi there.

    Just checking to see if this is a: the right place to post this. And b: if anyone is interested.

    I have 2 large desk spaces in my studio available now. Would suit photographer/media workers/writers/graphic designers/motion graphics... you get the idea.

    It's a lovely light room with wooden floors in a factory building in Stoke Newington, close
    to Clissold Park and Church street.

    I'm a writer/cameraman who's not there that much - week ends and the occasional evening at most -
    so it's a big space for two people.

    PM me for details. Here's a shot of the place.



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    Just a heads up...

    Around 10.05 tonight my partner was riding home from Nettle House to Stokenewington. She's just turned down Navarino Rd when two mopeds approached her from the other direction. She says the mopeds were weaving over the road and as they drew near, a passenger tried to kick her off her bike. When that failed, he tried to grab her but she managed to evade him and get away.

    So if you're out in that area tonight keep your eyes peeled.

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    Hi there.

    So I bought a Benotto frame last year which I'll be restoring soon. However I can't find any info about which model it is. It looks like an Aero (Oval profiled tubes) and initially thought it was a model 5000, but mine has a ducted brake cable on the top tube and the 5000's I've seen don't, though some have ducted rear derailleur cables. The 2500's do have ducted rear brake cables (I think) but the cabling enters on the top front and exits rear on the side. Mine is side to side if that makes sense.

    So confused.

    Bottom bracket looks unlike other Benotto's I've seen as well. Info on Benotto's seems strangely hard to find or verify. Eg; are the Mexican made frames inherently dodgy?

    Here are some not very good shots of the frame.

    Any advice appreciated.

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    So... A happy ending.

    GF's lawyer emailed the other day. Turns out the Police ignored GF's evidence, and went straight to their own CCTV which showed the driver clearly turning left across my GF and wiping her out.

    Cue two weeks of silence, then an email yesterday from GF's lawyer.

    The other party are offering £395 for the repairs to her bike - what it cost. Plus £1000 pain and suffering. The Police have cautioned him and he is now obliged to do some further driver training which he has to pay for... which I believe will set him back about £300. If he doesn't complete the training successfully, he has to resit the test for his licence.

    Then there are his lawyers fees - take a guess but £400- £500 feels like the zone. And finally the cost of his insurance which is certain to rise.

    When this fool graciously agreed to drive her home after the accident, my GF said she expected him to pay for some new forks and he said he would.

    The new forks cost her £130.

    What an idiot.