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    Shiny sex. So about this machining, fancy doing a deal?

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    Haha, dashed your hopes have i a little, yeah go-on pop the skinsuit and deep sections back away now.

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    re: 28 spokes, no major reason, levels the playing field to an extent however this is exactly the reason i'm asking you lot for help, i'll switch it for a 16 spoke min?

    re: arro stuff, i don't want people turning up on fixed tt rigs and dominating off the front in all aero gear etc. aero and bars forks are fine, trying to steer people away from tt helmets, deep profile wheels/discs etc.

    also, a few of these were pulled from the bc regs however there descriptions are a biut 'longhand' for this event.
    re: p*nctures,

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    What i have so far mollycoddled from many different sets of rules online.

    Bike frames shall be a traditional double diamond design(forks are unrestricted) and wheels (maximum 30 mm rim depth) with 28 spokesminimum
    Aerobar/Spinaci attachments and aero-designed parts areprohibited.
    Wheel switches are permitted only for wheel failures (notfor flat tyres), and must be identical or essentially identical to the failedwheel.
    Brake levers and callipers must be removed i.e. brakeless.
    Bike switches are not permitted.
    Riders may not coast with feet off the pedals.
    Riders must declare their gear (ring/cog) choice at checkin, which may not be changed thereafter
    1 mile per lap / total distance of approx. 24 miles
    Recommended gear ratio: 48/15
    80 rider entrance limit
    Electronic timing and scoring
    Fixed wheel bikes only
    Drop bars only
    Lapped riders will be eliminated
    Bar ends must be fitted, and secure in handlebars.
    Cycles used for track racing shall not be fitted with freewheels, quick release wheels, wing nuts, brakes or similar accessories.
    Riders may carry no object on them or on their bicycles that could drop onto the track.

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    Hi all, been asked to setup a race with eon cycle live in nottingham and they have asked me for race rules regarding the race itself and bike spec. Is there anywhere on here that already has a list of (as we all love lists) rules that i can pick and choose from? I have a meeting today at 3:30 to sort it through and i wouldn't mind having a list of rules. i was looking for the rules from either the hunt or red hook etc and i seem to be hitting at a loss?



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    best place to bulk buy 700c innertubes from? i cleared my garage to realise i have three bikes with 5 p*nctured wheels.

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    That workshop . . .

    Also, great project :)

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    YES. these are exactly what my feather needs

    glws (no monies xmas calling possible new years resolution)

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    Pop over into Notts lads, we ride every tuesday leave at 7:30 from the broadway cinema, i think it's about £4 on the train?

    Beers riding and fun.