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    Looks like it’s now been edited to advertise for a volunteer rather than an unpaid intern. Here’s a screen grab from the OG ad

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    No Birmingham teams can make it, but we could probably host if people wanted

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    Thank you everyone! Registration is now closed. We've had over 80 people sign up so we will complete a lottery soon for the spots. We'll share this on Instagram and Facebook then email out information for payment.

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    It's ages away, but our annual Sabbath tournament is set for August 31st weekend!

    It's ABC team format to promote rad play at all levels and an awesome weekend for everyone. That means encouraging new players, playing with people you've never met and enjoying the LoLz more than the GoAlz.

    We'll give you two, hand-picked, beautiful teammates as soon as we have a confirmed list so you have a chance to get to get to know them, swap some team kit ideas - possibly even practise.

    This year we're planning for The Sabbath to be completely carbon neutral. Which means that some of your entrance fee will be used to offset our impact over the weekend. This also means we'll not be producing anything like t-shirts, patches etc. But we'll still have bags of prizes and hand made trophies!

    We have room for 16 teams playing 5 rounds of swiss on Saturday, two more rounds of swiss on Sunday morning followed by a single elimination bracket on Sunday afternoon.

    Friday 30th August pick ups at the court: 18:00 - 22:00 with beers and takeaway
    Saturday 31st August 5 rounds of swiss in two groups. 9:00 registration for morning group. 13:00 registration for afternoon group.
    Party, beers, food
    Sunday 1st September 2 more rounds of swiss from 9:00. Single elim bracket from 14:00
    Post tournament curry

    Joseph Chamberlain Sixth Form College, 1 Belgrave Road, Birmingham B12 9FF

    Click here for the Google form

    We have 48 individual slots available. Last year this filled up in just over 24 hours so this year were going to leave registration open until Tuesday 30th then do a lottery if there's more than 48. There will be some reserved places for Birmingham and WTNB players and anyone left will go onto a waiting list.

    £15 per player. We'll send you PayPal/bank details once you've signed up.

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    Would you post to Brum, Matt?

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    BLB hav velocity deep Vs for £10 atm. Only bold colours though

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