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    I recently had this problem myself. When I looked into it, it seemed that a number of things can cause it: overfilling the basket, tamping, not tightening the moka pot properly, worn-out rubber seal, etc. It made such a mess that I wasn't in a rush to try it again. However, after reading about your experience I just had another go and it worked perfectly.


    -grind 14g of beans in porlex on setting 4 (this turned out to be too much coffee, by about 6g!)
    -fill moka pot with boiling water to below the valve
    -fill the basket with ground coffee and level off using the back of a butter knife, do not tamp
    -spill ground coffee everywhere but catch most of it on the a kitchen plate
    -using a tea towel around the bottom, tighten the moka pot as tight as you can
    -stick it on the gas hob on full flame but turn it down to the lowest as soon as the coffee starts coming out of the top
    -remove the moka pot from the heat as soon as you see/hear a change in the flow and put the bottom in a bowl of cold water
    -enjoy your coffee without needing to clean the entire kitchen afterwards

    You might struggle with an electric hob but good luck!

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    'I love to cook with wine...sometimes I even put it in the food!'

    A cursed sign that my darling sister passed on to me when she moved out of her flat. I have since tried to pass it on to at least two other people, yet each time it has somehow ended up back in my possession.

    I hate this kind of tat, and the thought of how much of it ends up in landfill. However, I do enjoy memes based on it, so at least there's a silver lining.

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    always appreciate stuff like this. looks tight! have you ridden it? any rub?

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    dibs if they now want to sell it for the price that they bought it for

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    Wish I had found this thread earlier!

    However, the below part helped me when I got stuck with a nut, a spinning axle, and no vice

    ''...if any nut doesn't want to come off on one side, re-fit the opposite side tightly to the frame and then remove it)''

    thanks a lot!

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    It was a long three years, but I found it eventually!

    I randomly strayed into our sub-forum today and thought it might be fun to try and reignite this during lockdown. Something to make short rides more interesting.

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