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    Preference would be a pro, but would take club if the numbers are too low.

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    Definitely gonna happen this time, I can feel it.

    1) rub / rhb (x1 each)
    2) psg1ben (x3)
    3) lukeg
    3~ sluttybot01
    4) Oliver Schick
    5) spinnnout
    6) doubleodavey
    7) Jonny69. THAT'S RIGHT, JONNY69!!!
    8) giofox (x2)
    9) Stelfox
    10) cliveo
    11) ruserius
    12) peter_v
    14) Simba
    15) atz
    16) Thrasher x 2
    17) veLLo x2
    18) c00ps
    19) lazy superhero
    19&ahalf) bjf
    20) ltc
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    Checked with the LBS and they use shutt VR who will do 100 at £8 each.

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    My LBS doesn't have kit but does have their own caps (for reasonable prices). I'll ask them what they did for theirs. Tbf, I would be very keen to buy a forum jersey (the nice blue one from a few years back) if there was another run of those. I'm sure there are lots who would...

    Only thing I will say for definite is not to use Paria. They do our club kit and the caps are ludicrously small; I can't even get them on my head.

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    Yeah. The banjo is the old kind though so the banjo bolt for the red Etap (monoblock) caliper doesn't actually fit through, even on the end where you can attach the banjo yourself. New version seems to be slightly different design and non user serviceable (the stealthamajig version), unless I'm missing something.

    Bought the second one but should have bought the first.

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    Thank you, realised this eventually! Waiting on one hose to finish this, as I ordered the red 22 one, thinking it would fit. Had I been more careful I'd have been able to reuse the old hose but in my rush I cut it a couple of cm too short. Pricy mistake.

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    Wait a hot minute. Looks like Chain Reaction have them after all.