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    A little clear out.

    1) Dura-ace 7800 front brake caliper. Great condition, hardly used. I purchased too many, and ended up with two and a half sets, so selling this front. These are awesome brakes, and often referred to as the benchmark for braking power. The new 7900 brakes have replaced them, but they use a different pull ratio, so as far as I know this is the best brake caliper you can get that'll work with other levers. £50 + postage. They're something like £90 in the shops.

    2) Shimano ultegra 6600 cranks. No rings, bolts of bottom bracket ... just the cranks.

    Great cranks, I had them on my Roadrat for two years as my summer commuter with a single speed ring and bash guard. Not sure what else I can say, they're light, stiff and just great. Stripping the bike now to make way for a new bike, so all the parts are going to be listed. £50 + postage.

    The box is from R700 cranks, not the 6600s

    3) Shimano deore rear derailleur (I know, not really fixed gear or single speed, but someone may have a use). It came with a bike I purchased for the frame. I replaced the jockey wheels with new shimano ones for £10. Since then it has seen at most 20 miles of riding, then sat in the garage for a year. Given the condition and new jockey wheels, I am after £15 + postage

    4) Cotic Roadrat frame/fork, with headset, seatpost clamp and seat post. I'll keep the stem. I purchased three years ago. I used for summer commuting for that time. It's a great bike, a real jack of all trades. I've had it setup as a drop bar roadie with gears and single speed, a flat bar 1x9 for commuting, with racks and fenders ... everything. It's a 'short large', so I guess 5'11'' to 6'2'' depending if you run with flat bars or drops.
    The bike was £800, the frames and forks are £300 I think. I believe £130 is fair. It has marks from crud catcher mudguards etc ... it was a functional bike for me, not a show bike or anything.

    I only have pictures of it built up, but next weekend will snap some of the stripped frame in the daylight.

    I have more things to sell, and will list when I get a chance. Collection from Cambridge is possible.


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    Additionally, I now have a digital camera (had to borrow one to take the listing photos), and if you'd like more pictures of pictures with the tape measure shown, let me know.


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    Sorry for the delay, been busy.

    I measure the top tube as 545mm centre to centre.
    I get the same 545mm for the centre of the bb shell to the centre of the top tube, measuring inline with the seat tube.

    This fits with what I measured when I decided it was a tad too small for me, as I ride a 560mm bikes.

    545mm is 21.5 inches or there abouts. Not sure how Peugeot spec'd the bikes, so it could be a 21 or 22, depending if the did 21.5 as a size or not. But either way, I measure 545mm.

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    Hi, still hasnt sold. Will take 100 quid for it now ... want to sell to fund another project. If the buyer comes to Cambridge to collect, saving me the hassle of posting, then 90 quid in cash will do.

    The price is cheap because I want to sell it, and being vertical rear drop-outs, it's best suited to an eccentric hub build or a 1x9 setup.

    Since I listed it, I have found the Dura-ace 7700 caliper I was after, but still after a rear 7800 caliper, or a good condition 7800 braze on front derailleur.

    PM if interested.

    Thanks for the retrobike idea, will look to advertise these now.

    Additionally, I'm also selling a Campagnolo Record brake lever. This is a carbon one, which is the same size as the 10 speed levers from about 2005 era. I'll list in separately too.

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    For sale: Peugeot 753 Pro frame & matching fork.

    Reynolds 753 tubes (both frame and forks marked as 753).
    Chromed rear dropouts.
    130mm rear dropouts (ie a road frame, not a track frame)
    Bottle cage mounts.
    Down tube shifter mounts.
    Original paint (the condition is fine for a daily use bike, but if you want it to stand out it could do with a respray. I was going to run this as a daily commuter, and leave the paint as it is).

    Purchased this 18 months ago to build up a light weight (753 is lightweight steel, and rides much nicer than popular steels like 531) daily use fixie commuter with an ENO eccentric hub. Unfortunately the frame is a tad small for me, so it's just sat around in a box since I purchased it. I have a 753 condor which fits me, so this one must go.

    PLEASE CHECK OUT THE HIGH RES PHOTOS: I can take more photos, measurements etc as you require.


    I can ship for 20 quid (will refund any difference if actual shipping is lower), otherwise collection from Cambridge or possibly meet in London. My ebay account is kiwichris1977 if you want to check my feedback for trading.

    I will measure up the frame and upload dimensions later today. Its about 545mm centre to centre toptube. I think it takes a 27.2mm seatpost (will try a post in it today and update). I'm just under 6 foot, and I think it'd be best for someone in the 5'6 to 5'11 range, depending if you flat bar or drop bar it.

    Price: 120 quid (I am looking for a Dura-ace 7800 rear brake caliper and a Dura-ace 7700 front brake caliper, and would consider these as partial swaps, but not looking for any other items to swap for).




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    www.groundeffect.co.nz check out the Tardis. My has done EuroStar once and been around the world 3 times ... I wouldnt put a fragile bike in it for a plane where the baggage throwers can destroy it, but for EuroStar when you're the only person touching it, then it's fine. It then folds up small so you can even cycle away from the station with it. I'll be using it to go watch Pari-Roubaix again in 2011.

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    Recently they tried to charge me a luggage fee for my bike as it was in a box, yet if it was not in a box it was free ... I pointed out that in the box it takes up less space than if I'd wheeled it on ... didnt help ...

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    RE: Air New Zealand. They've changed their rules effective of tickets purchased after about June 2010. Previously a bike could be brought in place of a bag, but now in economy you only get 1 x 23kg bag (for all flights they operate). The good news is a bike is charged at 1/2 the extra bag fee if its under 23kg, and then 1/2 the extra bag + overweight fee if its 23 - 32kg.

    I emailed to confirm what 1/2 the extra bag fee is, and basically London to Auckland is 17.50 quid for up to 23kg bike, and about 50 quid for an up to 32kg bike.

    I'm happy with that, as my bike is twice the size of an extra suitcase, and I pay 1/2 the suitcase cost.

    I have used the www.groundeffect.co.nz Tardis bag for bikes I'm not as worried about, and then a Neil Pryde bike bag as sold by pretty much everyone up here for others. This time I'm just using a cardboard box ... as it saves me a few kg of bike bag (as I always put a box inside the neil pryde bag anyway).