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    Morning folks.
    Yes 3) is also 17t, sorry I forgot to mention that.
    Drop me a PM with what you all want and your details and I'll post it today. Cheers. T

    New bits also added

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    I know this isn't usually done and it's frowned upon but the Kalavinka is on ebay from £1 start price. If someone from the forum buys it then it's a 10% donation here. Think that may make up for the bad post ;) enjoy! T

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    Continuing the clearout.. Moots sucks it out of ya
    Dibs and PM
    Postage to the UK included in the price.
    Many thanks. T

    1) CK Threadfit 24 bottom bracket
    In black
    Bought new. Cost £130.
    Butter smooth. Minimal insertion marks etc
    £70 please

    2) EAI Superstar cog
    Minimal wear, millions of miles left
    17t, 1 1/8

    3) EAI Superstar cog
    Slightly more minimal wear, half a millions of miles left

    4) CK top cap
    Black with white writing
    Excellent condition

    5) CK top cap Sotto Voce
    All black
    Excellent condition

    6) CK top cap
    Pink in colour
    Pretty much brand new. Rare colour these days!

    7) Extralite HyperStem
    Probably the lightest stem on the market these days
    100mm 6deg
    Weighs fuck-all
    1 1/8 steerer 31.8 handlebar clamp
    Cost me €189 plus post
    Barely touched so looking £100 please

    8) Sugino 75 Direct Drive bottom bracket
    Great nick. Not new but very smooth.

    9) Black anodised titanium chainring bolts
    Only installed once so excellent condition. Threads etc perfect.
    For fixed/singlespeed chainrings.

    10) Sugino 75 DD chainring bolts
    Work on all fixed/SS chainrings
    Never used or installed
    Don't think they're stamped but will double check.

    Think that's the nice stuff for now. Just wait till I raid the lockup.. T

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    Few more bits to go.
    Dibs and PM please.
    Postage to the UK included in price

    1) Shimano SLR BR1050 front brake caliper
    VGC, good spring action. Mild wear to the logo. Works as it should
    Probably needs new brake pads soon

    2) Dia-Compe BRS 101 rear brake caliper
    Black in colour
    VGC,all works as it should and nice strong spring
    Also will need new pads at some point soon

    Thanks. T

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    Ok so I may very well regret this but here goes.
    Selling my custom built track wheelset due to a new purchase and also due to new wheels on the Bishop.
    It's an absolutely fantastic build. Light, bombproof and made to last from some of the nicest bits available. The new rear wheel on my Bish has been built with the same parts and I use the same rims on my V1 and they're amazing.

    Mack Superlight low flange front and rear track hubs
    All black. 120/100mm. Rear fixed/fixed. Spoke count coming.. Lockring and all hardware included.

    DCR 24/25 black anodised disc rims
    24mm wide, 25mm deep
    Lightweight, super tough, look amazing and stay straight no matter how much I thump them

    Fully laced with CX Ray black spokes and nipples
    Conti rim tape on both wheels

    They run super smooth and straight. Only seen 3-400miles max. Obviously never seen a brake. Few tiny scuffs and scrapes as would be expected but overall super clean. No issues with whatsoever and ready to go.

    £300 please
    Postage and PP fees at whatever they work out to be
    I live in Portsmouth so happy for local pickup
    Also up in London on the weekend of 14th feb so could bring them with me.
    Thanks. Tom