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    If anyone is thinking about going on an organised group UK Cycle Tour post lockdown, probably post vaccine, in the late Spring or Summer, remember to look at the CTC Tours website for inspiration:-
    All trips are run by volunteer tour managers (including myself), on an expenses only 'not-for-profit' basis.
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    No mention of the Olympics in the second thread, that I can see?

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    I Have been asked to publicise this:

    ''The search is on for Volunteer Cyclists to cycle their tandems into the stadium as part of the Olympic Ceremonies.We are ideally looking for the combination of a sighted and a visually impaired cyclist but are keen to hear from any combination of riders at this stage....Need to be over 18 on March 1st 2012, and be able to attend a casting session on March 3rd, plus some rehearsal sessions in East London from June to August 2012.

    If you are interested in being part of this once in a lifetime opportunity please email the following citing TANDEM BIKES in the subject title to


    1. A photo of you both and your bike.She said in conversation that was not strictly necessary, if a problem.
      2.Short description of both cyclists
    2. Contact details (name, address, email, phone number).
    3. We will then contact you directly if we would like you to be involved.
      Closing date for applications is Friday 17th February. ''

    This email came to me via Laura Windows at London 2012 and the Tandem Club.


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    This sounds awesome - just regarding the train, is it ok to take bikes on most trains out of London; how does that work? (sorry for my ignorance, but I'm from New Zealand & haven't been in London that long).

    Yes no problem with bikes on sliding door trains - especially on sundays. Just look out for the sign showing which carriage to put the bikes.

    I had 4 riders today, and we all got round, despite an impromptu jockey wheel repair, and a bit of drizzle/rain this afternoon. I will repeat it in the Spring.

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    Nice video Mr Snapper. All the dust was cleaned off my bike before my Surrey Hills recce ride last saturday, but I still have L'Eroica number on my bike-what a poser. My brown leather retro shoes were still white be with dust before that ride, however the pedalling round Surrey removed most of it! See separate thread for the Effingham ride. I will run it again in the Spring, with plenty of notice, and hope to keep fit riding similar routes over the winter, frost permitting.

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    You've missed the best bits!

    Just had a look, and that route is not quite the one I took...I like to head all the way up Holmbury Hill on Radnor rd then fast descent through Hurtwood Forest to the junction with Hurtwood Inn, then Walking bottom climb back up, before descent towards Shere. Possible to go into Shere and back to Effingham via Coombe Lane steep climb then via Hungry Hill. Earlier we will take a slight detour into Holmbury St Mary for lunch.

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    Now here's a link to the route. you just need to add the ride from Effingham junction to where the route meets Ranmore Common.