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    Aende sold, no love for a team issue cross frame? Much nicer tubeset than a standard Kona MJ!

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    Kona SOLD
    Aende SOLD

    Finally I have a pair of Mavic Aksium wheels in overall good condition. Fantastic training wheels with bladed spokes. Bearings are smooth, wheels are true and there's plenty of life left in the brake surface. Shimano fit, QRs included. £80

    All items near Swindon. I have the Kona boxed and ready to post, and I can organise a box for the wheels.

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    Hey all, selling my cross frame as unfortunately I won't have time to race this winter, and in Spring I'll be doing some short tours so its time to prioritise my kit. It's a Kona Major Jake scandium frame, Edge (now ENVE) composites fork, FSA headset and Kona seat collar. this is a super light race frame that was issued to the Kona FSA team, and used by Helen Wyman. Effective top tube is 54cm. takes 27.2 seatpost, standard British thread BB. I purchased it here 2 years ago, and of that I spent a year travelling, so I haven't used it a whole lot. Really can't justify having such a fantastic frame sat around while I'm off travelling again!

    the good: super light weight, race proven frame. Raced at world level, Wyman used this to take a British national championship! Overall very fine condition considering professional use. Fork alone is worth £400! Headset was replaced not long ago and feels like new.

    the bad: some wear on the drive side chainstay, as to be expected. One of the downtube cable adjusters has snapped and I've not been able to remove it. However I've found it fine to just use it as a cable stop for the rear derailleur, which has its own barrel adjuster (this is how I've been using it since purchase 2 years ago).

    I'm looking for £350 for the frame, fork, headset and seat collar. I can include a set of tektro cr720 canti brakes for £20, which work great and suit the bike well. Could also include some Mavic Aksium wheels with Schwalbe cx tyres, meaning you only need a groupset and finishing kit. the bike is built up at the moment as I'm currently in the Netherlands, however I will be back in the UK next week and will disassemble once there. I'll be near Swindon but I can arrange delivery to London, or otherwise post.


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    Read: http://tomsbiketrip.com/how-to-go-cycle-­touring-for-the-price-of-a-round-of-drin­ks-part-1/

    the guy (admittedly a fairly experience tourer) gets a bike and all the required kit for £25 all in, then uses it for LEJOG. Since then he's given the whole setup away for free, and its currently being used to cross Spain.

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    Sometimes, they seem to be the most obviously scientific in their approach to coffee out of the local roasters. they're on the wrong side of town for me so convenience does tend to drive me elsewhere most of the time. there's a bunch worth visiting here though.

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    Welcome to lfgss. IMO everything you've said checks out, the methodology you recommend is by far the easiest way to produce a consistently good result at home. Starting with an attack on other peoples opinion may not have been the best way to settle in though!

    Firstly it would be nice to recognise a difference between dark roast and over roasted. I'm fortunate enough to live in Amsterdam, a city where the specialty coffee scene is still building up so we see a new roaster pop up every few months. Most of these are doing a fairly standard Scandinavian approach. However there are a few that have made a considered decision to roast a bit darker and aim for a different profile. Obviously not starbucks dark, but enough to make a marked difference in flavour, and one that I personally find benefits espresso (though not filter). Most of the roasters are friendly with each other so its not too uncommon to hear that another place is using the same beans, allowing a chance to make a direct comparison between different roasting styles. Interestingly it was those that roast a bit darker who did well in the Dutch roasters championship this year.
    As for the comments on a scientific approach ...well, we can't all be sitting round with a refractometer taking measurements, though I would agree to controlling variables where possible.

    One thing I'd like to add is that coffee farming is hard, manual labour, and the farmers don't really make much money. Direct trade, which has been one of the better developments to arise from the new wave of smaller roasteries, is making some pretty big waves towards changing this. By cutting out the middleman the farmers can work with the roasters to find the most desirable qualities, allowing them a higher price per kg.

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    Are post offices even open on sundays?

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    try bike exchange, worked for me when I was over there (I'm 172cm so not tall either). For sizing, top tube length is the first place to start. Most modern stuff comes with a height recommendation which is normally enough to start with, then do the rest with seatpost/stem changes (unless unusual body shape). Over there I picked up a small tcr advanced, whacked a decent stem on it and have been riding it since (now in NL).

    As for the route, its hilly but on par with the weir. You can come up red hill on the way out if it isn't enough, and then loop back to Chidlow and John Forest. the small parts of toodyay used to connect up aren't too bad for a highway, wide enough for the road trains to not be too much an issue.