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    Anyone know of any vertical wall mounting options with no drilling required? My landlord won't let me drill the wall and it's a very small apartment, my bikes are getting in the way now

    I have 2x gravity stands that are surplus to requirements, similar to the ones @Coops suggested, if you're still looking for something. They hold 2 bikes each and I have attached a photo.

    I got them for free from @cake years and years ago, who I think got them in turn from somebody else on the forum, and you, too, could have your very own forum-approved gravity stands for free, in the endless circle of gravity stand forum life. PM if you're interested.

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    aww, possibly not - I'm looking at the Microcosm code and I think only images are allowed (though I could be looking in the wrong places).

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    Could just be a one off problem though

    Every time I've ordered from them the entire experience has been a clusterfuck from start to finish, and that's in pre-COVID times. The stuff eventually does show up, but it's always late and they never ever tell you what's going on.

    I reckon those courgettes will be a 2021 job!

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    I do have a script for my special The Flannan Isles mystery. Shall I link it for you so you can read that?

    Oh god yes please that would be magical thank you!

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    You're welcome! There's also https://speechlogger.appspot.com/ in case you want to try a few. They all tend to have varying results with my Scottish accent, but a friend of a friend in Darlington used Speechlogger for an art event. That seemed to go quite well, so maybe they don't all treat The Norf like a separate language 👀

    It will improve my life immeasurably to have all them krakens in my eyes and eyeballs simultaneously, I just know it

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    I'm also a deaf person who is a bit disappointed about there not being any transcripts because I love the repro man blog, and I'm always sharing stuff from it with people who i think will enjoy it. I took Pantone Blues with me on holiday to the Derby Dales when you published it and I sat alone in my cycling gear in loads of nice rural pubs over many a pint of guinness, cackling joyfully to myself at it. I also fucking love Forteana (I subscribe to ALL the zines and journals) and Kraken Cove sounds right up my alley.

    However! I have a suggestion! If you were to use something like this during the recording sessions: https://webcaptioner.com/captioner then it would automatically produce a transcript for you that you could save and add to Podbean along with the audio. Here's an example of a Government Digital Service podcast with a transcript added so you can see what that looks like.

    Automatic captions aren't great, and you'll probably have to make corrections. People on this thread have led me to believe you and Fucking Amazing Dave have strong accents and maybe it'll be shit at working out what you're saying. But it's worth a try, right? Google docs have "voice typing" in them too. Or there's Otter.ai, which is free if your shows are less than 40 mins each and under 600 mins a month. There's options! And I'd love to be able to follow both series.

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    Leading with "you gonna censor my views then, eh?" instead of a considered argument probably ain't the best start as it makes it look like your intention is to be purposefully inflammatory in order to wind up those "less tolerant members".

    I'm sure that's not your intention though

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    Stag beetle pupa? Had a female in our garden a few days ago.

    Maybe! They seem too small for stag beetles, though - they're only about a centimetre long tops. There's woodlice bigger than them.

    Great pic! They're fearsome little beasts. I've never seen one in real life, will be keeping an eye out for 'em.

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    Have been very slowly clearing the shitty bit at the bottom of my garden where I dumped all my bramble clippings and branches and everything. I sit down while I'm clearing all this stuff out and go really, really, really slowly, and I find all sorts of interesting wildlife.

    Today I found a slug under some leaf litter with a baby woodlouse stuck upside down to its back, wiggling its little legs helplessly in the air 😭 (i rescued it). Also I found a frog! I knew I had them but I'd never actually seen one before because they hide from me. And I disturbed a big fucking centipede the size of my toe.

    I keep seeing these things, over and over in dead wood - I don't know what they are. Something has presumably burrowed into the wood to lay an egg or whatever, and then the thing has hatched and burrowed its way back out. But whatever the thing is, it leaves a moulted exoskeleton behind, partially embedded in the dead wood. All that's left is this translucent worm-shaped exoskeleton with two big hecking jaws at the business end. They look like tiny, land-based bobbit worms. They're very interesting and also slightly terrifying and I wish I knew what they were. Googling "dead wood bobbit worm garden" has not been fruitful so far for some mysterious reason.

    Gardens are great.