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    I sent my mum a hamper filled with delicious Christmas food. My cat, who lives with my mum, seems to be enjoying it.

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    There's a management guy at our work who says that all the time too.

    We call him "cunty dave"

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    If you're outside the catchment area for Celia Hammond then there's a Cats Protection League branch in Bromley that you might get good results with. They'll also want to do a home visit.

    You could adopt Eva and Peanut! Just look at these faces! cats.org.uk/bromley/adopt-a-c­at/?cid=130143

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    I put some delicious apples out for the squirrels today, thinking they might appreciate a change from all the peanuts they're getting from every garden. They were appalled and disgusted by them, insofar as "appalled" and "disgusted" are states that can exist in their little furry heads. Adorable little ingrates.

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    Yeah, so I just whitelisted LFGSS and lo, the following button reappears. Soz for false alarm.

    I think I maybe accidentally murdered it in one of my many ongoing attempts to get those wretched "SUBSCRIBE TO THIS WEBSITE" modal popups permanently out of my face.

    Edit: turns out that I didn't accidentally murder it at all, and that actually "subscribe-button" is nixed by fanboy's "Annoyances" list. So there we have it.

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    Looking at the console was the first thing I tried ;)

    No errors anywhere, no obvious reason why it wouldn't be showing up - I can see it exists in the HTML but can't see anything that's acting upon it to make it invisible.

    Might just be some plugin I have installed that's messing with it, somehow - adblock seems a likely culprit as the button has "subscribe-button" as its ID and that would seem to be the kind of thing it'd block.

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    Oh, weird. Force refresh does nothing to help, but I've just switched machine and it shows up on Chrome 45, OSX 10.8, also Firefox etc.

    Quite the edge case ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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    I can't see the "follow" button on threads I'm not following anymore. If I'm already following a thread, then I can see the "notify me by email" checkbox, but not the (un)follow button.

    Chrome 47, OSX 10.9 - have had this affliction for at least a few days (don't recall precise dates, soz)