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    We need a Citizens Assemble partly because the existing system doesn't work; despite the science and knowledge the government has been going backwards on strategies that impact climate change.

    Also because parliament is full of lobbyists who are there full time influencing MPs in favour of policies that disregard climate change.

    And because MPs rarely if ever canvassed or were elected on climate change, therefore they have little mandate, and a reluctance to do anything when it contradicts what they were elected for.

    It also enables parliamentarians to continue with their other work while a new body gets on with the job of trying to prevent climate breakdown.

    And also quite possibly because of a level of corruption or at least dishonesty that leads MPs to make decisions based on their own benefit.

    Citizens Assemblies can bypass all of them very simply. The processes for selection are not fixed but really simple to implement, and not expensive. The CA process is also very familiar, we use it all the time in the justice system, so we are pretty comfortable with it.

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    Ah, all the litter left! Without any planning in advance people at XR went out and litter picked. They cleared their own litter and they cleared the litter left behind by others. So, unless you were actually there to see it stop believing the trite rubbish posted to smear the campaign.
    I don't think you get it yet. You keep eating your baked potatoes and cycling to work and worrying about your recycling. You keep doing your bit. We all should. But the scale of change needed requires action by governments too, and the campaign is aimed at them as much as anyone.
    The really lovely side to the rebellion is how many people care, really care, and are prepared to make enormous sacrifice to make change.

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    We all realise that this is a very complex and probably socially disruptive issue.
    XR have collectively motivated lots of people to attempt to tackle it, before it is too late to halt it.
    It is this: If we don't remove carbon from the economy in 12 years (actually less, that timeline is already 6 months old) the climate change will run away out of control. It is hugely complex in itself (not just the societal implications) For example some of the pollutants in the atmosphere are helping to cool it. If we stop producing them how much faster will the climate warm?
    So we need the government to put in the same amount of commitment it put in when the banks collapsed (or perhaps more) instead of pissing around trying to leave the one organisation that has a chance of tackling this issue collectively on a continent wide scale.

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    The point of Extinction Rebellion (well, one of the points) is to bring together the converted, to build a movement, and then to engage decision makers and create influence.
    There might well be other and or better ways of solving the problem the scientists tell us we are facing, but who is doing them?
    Something has to change, and I don't see anyone else even having the discussion let alone the balls to go out there and mobilise.

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    It’s because of people just like you that they are going to have to build a third runway at Heathrow.
    And yes, XR is anti capitalist. 3% growth pa means we double what we do now in less than a quarter of a century. Why can’t we accept that as a nation we have enough already and we can reduce inequality and start to repair the damage we’ve done?

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    I wasn’t suggesting you did, I was pointing out how they have got set up so widely.

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    There are XR groups in many towns and it is simple to start one. A couple of volunteers will travel to wherever and run a few training sessions to get everyone familiar with the methods and policies, and then off you go.
    All of a sudden loads of people pop out of the woodwork in your community and if nothing else you'll have a bunch of new friends. I only knew one person from my town in the group I work with. This is part of its strength. All those people are actually lots of well organised groups.
    I have had some interesting chats on our roadblock with the police. When we told them we were on a shift system, and our shifts are half theirs in length he started moaning about the way they are being treated. They get no food and water, and have to go into a shop to use the loos. We brought kitchens and toilets!

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    Sadly you are wrong. Extinction Rebellion isn't called a rebellion to make friends. It is the start of a movement. If that moment gains enough momentum it will have a very profound impact on the political landscape.
    As I am sure you know climate change is the biggest threat our species has ever faced.
    I am sure you also know it wasn't discussed in parliament for two years, and the prompt that got it discussed was the school kids going on strike.
    I am fairly certain it will be a fixture on the political landscape from now on.

    I met a few people like you over the last few days. I met a lot more who are now activists who never would have been before we rocked up in our tents.
    And I can reassure you this is not middle class metropolitan. I have been there, I know who I sat with on the road blocks, I know who I banged drums with.
    And so what if it's a bit alarmist. What if we reduce the plastics, slow down the rate at which things go extinct, reduce the impact of flooding droughts storms and heatwaves.
    Give me a break from your apathy. Go along and see for yourself instead of closing your mind completely.

    (and btw, I find it much harder to take you seriously with all the spelling mistakes, it is well worth re reading your posts before you hit "post reply")

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    Have you actually been to London and seen what's happening, spoken to the activists?
    In a few weeks this movement has grown and is remarkably well organised. It has very succinct messages.
    It has brought together thousands maybe millions of people, many who have felt as though they were pissing in the wind for the last 30 years.
    It has put the climate in the news and it has done it with some class.
    Good luck doing any of that with a recommendation to change the building regs.

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    At Parliament square:

    "As police appeared to be moving in on their usual targets of Oxford Circus and Waterloo Bridge, Parliament Square sent what rebels they could spare to reinforce the other sites.
    By 6:30, the roadblocks were stretched thin – and it was then that a concentration of police unlike any this week arrived, marching in a seemingly unending column and circling into the square. Word was instantly sent out to the other sites, but it looked like the back-up so urgently dispatched would arrive to find a square emptied of rebels. The massive police-force began removing rebels from three of five roadblocks, arresting an estimated 50; the displaced blockers regrouped for a final stand, lying down close together – and it was then the XR Samba Band arrived.
    Rallying and reinvigorating with the rhythm of their drums, the band led the remaining rebels in a circle of the Square, growing in size as they went before slingshotting onto the bridge. For all the police’s numbers, comparatively few arrests were made; whether this was due to the newfound size, mobility and dynamic of the crowd, or due to nearly 400 prior arrests flooding police capacity, remains unclear.
    What is clear is that Parliament Square was held, against all probability. Having outmanoeuvred police, a group of 10 rebels retook the southeast corner; at 1:00am this update went out internally:
    “Now retaken all 5 roads at parliament square. The whole square belongs to us again. Hammock between the traffic lights and hot food from Hari Krishna van. It’s one o’clock in the morning and we’re feeling good!”