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    Did anyone actually manage to get one of those govt. £50 fix your bike vouchers ?

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    I'm going to argue for buying another bike. It sounds like you want to ride a bike not learn how to fix one.

    Repairing bikes has costs parts tools, a bit of grease, chain lube paint can soon add up also your time. What's your time worth on an hourly basis ? £10 any hour ? More ? It all soon adds up. Say, maybe it dosen't come together ? Then you've got an expensive pile of bits in the corner that isn't a usable bike.

    Surley much better to buy a new or second hand one. Sell the Peugeot to help fund the project, so that it becomes an asset not a liability. There are plent of single speeds from cheap to expensive as well as plenty vintage bikes out there. Lots of choice of ride home stuff about without the stress.

    Just my thoughts, I wish you many happy miles.

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    Thanks very much for all the offers.I'm now fixed up !

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    I'm in Whitechaple. Thanks jj72 and snottyotter.

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    My Sunday best bike needs a service. It's not critical but needs doing. I've got work bike for transport. Would now be the time to get it done ?

    Is it a bad idea because bike shops are snowed under and mechanics are frazzled having been so overworked, is it socially responsible ? I would like to ride it this "summer", it what it's for and miss not riding it because I'm scared of making it worse, braking something.

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    Good ! Got a bit of cash for another bike. I'd like a modern geared steel framed road bike or an intersting steel other. A complete ride away bicycle. In the range of 56 to 58 cm top tube /seat tube. £350 max unless you can convince me it's an utter bargain and the king bargains. Pick up in person in London prefered.

    What do you have to tempt me ?

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    I work in a food shop, noticably quiter today, as other stuff is open ?