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    I recently bought a Seagull bags custom Large Standard Bag. I spent £217 on the bag including shipping and paid £38 on custom charges.

    The bag is absolutely brilliantly made, the quality of the cordura and tarp is second to none, couple this with the high quality stitching and well thought out design this bag puts others in the shade.

    The size of the bag is perfect for my commute and weekend stays. I will keep anyone updated with a long term review if they are interested, but please see the photos attached for now.

    Also, yes the colourscheme is vein and matches my bike, but hey, you have to take the comical route through life!

    Any questions welcome. Hopefully my photos are acceptable.


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    Great Success

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    I can enlighten you this much. Their sale starts in the last 2weeks of August. New stock will start to filter in from the beginning of September. cannondales can be expected in November, though if this year is anything to go by, then February, June or never could be more realistic...

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    I just I'd drop by and start my time here by saying hello. I've been a lurker for sometime and figured it was about time I got involved and said hello. I have followed the advice of many posts on here and now hope to pass on some pearls of my own.

    Hello everyone