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    I have 2 pairs of open pro ceramics, one old on sachs hubs & one new on hope pro's, & I couriered for years on the old ones. So i've been using them for ten years. Started out on rubber pads & then switched to ceramic specific ones.

    If you ever use standard rubber pads it basically lines the ceramic, leading to squealing & loss of breaking power in the wet. Use ceramic specific pads, dura-ace inserts are the only ones I've ever used. Can be found on the shelf in Condor. The ceramic pads are harder.

    It will take some time to wear off the rubber on the rims.

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    I have one. Unused. Have to admit a silly scratch, but it is where your arse will quickly polish it off. £40 or VNO. B17 Black. Near london fields.

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    If you are still looking & can wait while he's away on holiday, my brother works in IT & one of his jobs is, err, stock-taking. PM me, £100ish.

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    Can someone give me some spoke choice advice please? 70kg rider replacing a very very old set of open pro ceramics with a new set. Have chosen Hope Pro3 hubs's, have a builder but need to drop everything into his lap & have used up my 40 questions, know lengths to get. Want all black to pimp my ride.

    Country road use not london assault course.

    Q1) Are DT Revolution / Sapim Lasers suitable & which are better? Understand not to use prolock nipples on such because of twisting problems.

    Q2) Advice on differential offside/drive rear spoking. The old weight vs performance chesnut. Present rear was designed to survive couriering, Plaingauge offside alpine triple driveside, and it worked. Want a lightweight version now & intrigued to get advice.