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    snow takers?

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    if you can be bothered, write to your mp, tweet at a councillor, or dm a popular cycling media channel etc.

    i may get around to printing and laminating some fliers to leave in bike shops, with qr codes leading to the sign page, and so on, or you could do that...

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    i made a petition


    Require all petrol stations to have a free use bicycle pump.
    Require all fuel filling stations, unless on a motorway, to have a well maintained, free use bicycle pump, compatible with schrader and presta valves.

    To support existing cyclists, and to encorage more people to start cycling.

    sign here

    i had a vague idea a few years ago about this, and in 2020 i got around to starting a petition for it, but after that i didn't have time/energy to promote it and get it rolling; it's not too late!

    there are loads of good reasons for this; i'm sure you here can imagine many; i've mentioned some on my twitter using the #bikepump2020 , but it's got no traction.
    i posted a mention of it in our aqa; i'm just making this conversation now as a lazy sunday afternoon nudge for it.

    please sign and share

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    Does an ExposureLights cleat bolt into the bottom of a Busch&Müller Space Ixon?

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    well done, and thank you for getting this together. order placed.

    i'm 68kg/180cm and my pro cut small jersey from last time fits well.

    edit: or is it the club cut? i think it's actually the club cut; it has that higher collar line.

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    someone should visit this statue, because the edinburgh game is lit!

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    that was you?!
    i did a tweet about that moment, hahaha

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    woohoo!!! the game is on!!!