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    Cycling in Plymouth on the streets is gradually improving as they put new cycle lanes in. Riding on Dartmoor is spectacular, amazing views and great pubs but you’ll probably want gears to get the most out of it. There are some good cycle cafes in Plymouth, Rockets & Rascals on the Barbican and a couple of good bike shops. Certini are in Saltash and are a Specialised dealer and RockinBikes at Yelverton are a independent with great service. Yogi cycling are the biggest club in the area with around 400 members, they mostly cater for road riding and run a number of guided rides on Saturday morning depending on ability. They also have a great MTB wing which has rides every Thursday evening and the first and third Saturday of the month. A very social club.
    Plymouth corinthians have a good following but I’ve never ridden with them. If you like downhill then there’s woodland riders and the Gawton bike hub, loads of terrifying downhill tracks. There’s something for everyone including Plym valley cycle track that’s great for families and will get you safely to the edge of Dartmoor without going on roads, also the Granite Way and the Tarka trail.

    Hope this helps

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    I've learnt alot about form and function and broadened my tastes through looking at this thread the last few years. But that ^ is one of the ugliest things I have ever seen in my life. Bemused.

    Your so wrong, that is a gorgeous bike. end of.

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    Oh yes, that's the one

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    Just about to sort out a fixed wheel and then out on the road hopefully in the next month. Been a long time since I rode a fixie!! As they say like learning to ride a bike! Anyway once I'm comfortable would be good to meet up for a ride. I ride a Road bike at the moment round Dvon and Cornwall so should be interesting to see how I go with a fixie..be in touch..

    That would be good, I met a guy called Huw at the Ermington TT a couple of weeks ago. he rides SS/fixed and is looking to get together for some rides as well.

    PM me when your up for it

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    I'm from Plymouth and often take my bike back on the train when I visit. If you can do the bottom of Efford Lane to the top of Higher Efford Road then I doff my cap to you. When I did that it killed my knees and that was on a feeble 42:16 with my alu Langster.

    I've not tried on this new chainring, but on the standard 46:17 I ride up there quite a lot as my dad lives there. its hard but possible.

    I put it on so I can build myself up for the ne Ermington TT, I did a 39:35 on the 13m course a couple of weeks ago but i spun out on the downhill section and struggled to get to 40mph. I hit 44.5 with ease last night with the new gear so I'm hoping to drop a bit of time off the next run.

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    Put a bigger chainring on last week, 53:17 feels good and I'm getting used to the hills here in Plymouth.

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    Was I showing off about my bigger gear, or taking the piss out of myself for pedalling so slowly? It's TT talk, the only thing that counts is elapsed time. There are people who are slower than me who ride 120", and people faster than me who ride 90", and doubtless vice versa; we testers who are on the cog usually ask what each other has on, but the timekeeper always has the last word.

    I was just amused that one person's idea of a big gear was actually so small that I can't fit it on my race bike because the tyre would hit the seat tube. If he gets it round fast enough, he can still ride faster than me, the medium gear record is 53:23 after all.

    The time trial I am doing is in Cornwall and has a few hills, 53:17 is as big as I can go and still get up the hills without dropping my cadence significantly.

    I drop to 46:17 for my next TT as the first 7.5 miles are all uphill. joys of living in the south west.

    on a flat course I would push a big as like you (i think) I don't like to spin out too much and would rather push a bigger gear.

    Good luck in your TT