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    (((hugs))) to you too.

    My friend had two young cats, 2 and 1. The eldest had FIP and they said goodbye 6 weeks ago. The youngest got diagnosed yesterday. Truly bastard news and totally gutted for them. I think it also means they cant have any cats for at least a
    year because of contamination. So cruel.

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    (((hugs))) xxx

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    @CompoS - wish you had commented earlier. Would have been good to speak to someone who had done something similar.
    But a less hilly route... not sure that's the true C2C.
    These are the Strava Hill profiles for what I managed on the first two days...

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    I didn’t know either, but clicking the link and then google (surely the middle-aged person’s life saver) is your friend

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    Thunderbirds are GO!
    Picked this up from Facebook- all sounds FAB to me!

    53 years ago today, Thunderbirds were GO for the very time! Who remembers their very first rescue? See the whole series on @Twitch from 2.30PM BST today - including 3 BRAND NEW EPISODES made with puppets and models. Watch here: https://www.twitch.tv/shoutfactorytv

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    I realised I forgot to update this.
    Well I made the start, even though I had yet anothet setback only a few weeks before.

    I’d had a discussion before going about using the bike supplied or taking my own, so I took my own. All the other cyclists used the bikes provided but brought their own saddle and pedals. No one had any issues with the hired bikes.

    The whole thing was amazing, awesome and so much better than cycling in London and the surrounding areas.

    Everywhere welcomed cyclists and on the first cycle path out of Whitehaven, you’d think that people had been paid by the local tourist board as every one we passed said good morning and wished us luck.

    The hills - no amount of training in flat ol’ London can prepare you for the hills. Long climbs over 1-3 miles and the sheer incline in Penrith first thing in the morning on cold legs - ouch.

    The weather was hot and sunny but you’ll see in the link on Day 2 the video of the wind near Hartside, which was pushing my fellow cyclists back up the hill on the descent, meaning they used a lot of energy trying to cycle down when they should have been freewheeling.

    Overall I cycled 69/140 miles thanks to a deep quad sprain (which I am still struggling with).

    I’ve written up the three days and have loads of photos etc via my sponsorship page.
    (Its worth checking out the sponsorship link just to see what I did when I got to the top of

    If you already sponsored me THANK YOU, if you didn’t, I’d really like to make 100% of my target and just £5 will make a difference.

    All the photos https://photos.app.goo.gl/8y6pZ6TBdBtsMP­Jd7

    Also the local tour support vehicle was Velocene Adventures. He is based up there but has organised worldwide cycle tours too so definitely worth making a note of, only because his rides include Granny’s home made ginger cake. https://velocene.com/en/

    To anyone thinking of doing the C2C do it. But leave your road bike at home along with your ego. This is definitely a ride, not a race.

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    Enjoy. The rigmarole in it about a thingamyjig will probably sound like discussions on here about bike parts.