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    I totally agree, but it doesn't nullify the deep irony that they get out of one doping scandal by claiming they don't have any records and then try to argue their way out of another by saying they do. It undeniably undermines public confidence in what they're saying

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    Did I miss a meeting? Surely VO2max is pretty relevant to a GC contender.

    I think the implication was that focusing exclusively on the effect of Salbutamol on V02 Max on someone who already has an exceptionally high scores is not relevant and you should instead be testing how how it might improve other physiological responses.

    Saying that salbutamol doesn't increase your V02 Max is not the same as saying it's not performance enhancing. Quick google-fu turned up this which also indicates that V02 capacity being the primary limitation of performance in elite athletes might be inaccurate, seems fairly well argued.


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    Given Sky’s recent history with keeping records of what their riders
    are taking in the jiffy bag case. How can anyone take seriously
    records they produce of what Froome has been taking?

    Martha replies:

    User avatar for Martha Kelner Guardian staff Martha Kelner 14
    December 2017 1:15pm There's an irony in the fact that Team Sky and
    British Cycling's lack of medical records (see Doctor Richard
    Freeman's stolen laptop) was cited by the UK Anti-Doping Agency as one
    of the reasons they were unable to fully investigate allegations
    levelled at Bradley Wiggins over the mystery jiffy bag delivery in

    1. Now Sky will be presumably invoking medical records and previous test results in a bid to clear Froome's name.
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    some interesting nuggets of infor in the Guardian q+A:

    There is no evidence that this substance has any beneficial effect on performance, lets try to keep a sense of perspective.

    Sean replies:

    User avatar for seani Guardian staff seani 14 December 2017 1:38pm
    There are two points worth making in response here:

    1) There is a limit set by the World Anti-Doping Agency and Chris
    Froome has exceeded it by twice the permitted out.

    2) There is some evidence that Beta 2 Agonists can improve performance
    (See here: Inhaled Beta2-Agonist Increases Power Output and Glycolysis
    during Sprinting in Men.) I was also speaking to a sports scientist
    yesterday who made the point that a lot of those studies claiming no
    benefit to Beta 2 Agonists do not use particularly relevant (to elite
    sport) dosages of the drug under investigation and most importantly
    use a performance measure (like VO2max) that is irrelevant to an
    athlete like Froome.

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    thinking about whether it would be fair to strip Froome of his title today I keep coming back to the fact that Sky's public image is one of not just meticulous preparation-but also in the true British style-of publicly stating that they will push the rules to their limits in order to get every iota of advantage possible.

    In such a case, surpassing what by all accounts is already quite a high clinical limit for a known restricted substance is incredibly amateur-which goes against their PR shpiel-or incredibly calculated-which corresponds to pushing the limits on the rules.

    Making it worse is that despite saying his health was worsening Stage 18 is when he took a chunk out of Nibali, which doesn't sit with that narrative.

    Going on this and recent precedents for similar cases I really don't think we'll be seeing a Tour-Vuelta-Giro slam from Froome/Sky this year...

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    oh the pathos... the Wiggins household must have a spring in their step today

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    Fuck me. This is the very definition of Post Truth Society.

    I'd love to try and pull this shit in any other job; "Yes boss, I may have said I'd personally ordered detailed analysis of the impact of these monumental economic changes on the sectors involved, but of course, this didn't involve any quantitative analysis or detailed reporting and naturally, I didn't have time to read the conclusions of these myself to inform my negotiating positions."

    "Great job David, have a 200% raise and a one-off bonus of £1000000. Truly outstanding work."

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    Cool/warm/dry/moist story bro

    Should be the subtitle to this thread.