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    Fracking is an environmental disaster.

    Not if. Not maybe. Is.

    Look at its history in the US and you will see that companies have no problems extracting for profit, but lots of problems paying to decontaminate the vast amounts of poisoned water created in the process, and at this point mysterious spillages into rivers happen that are impossible to clean up and kill everything downstream.

    If you can't do it without contaminating your own water supplies, don't do it.

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    Just another seething gammon looking for a pineapple ring to sink his chipolata in.

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    Anyone got a spare medium Pomp floating about the garage? Been on the hunt with no joy-closest alternative I can find is a Mash work which seems too plush...

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    Two Bobble hat mug cunt.

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    I bought this off BTR88 a while back and have had little opportunity to use it because of illness or general hassle in moving from UK to Germany and now back, so after almost selling it several times to pay for such luxuries as rent and food but backing off, I'm finally going to force myself to re-release into the wild as I need to get another deposit for a flat together.

    Condition is unchanged from the original ad:

    If my research is correct this has some forum history, having been
    owned by @gav, @Harry.Major and @fourforty, whom I bought it off.

    It was originally a TT frame (rear dropout width 126mm) with Zeus
    track dropouts which had a cable hanger attached but a previous owner
    must have filed it off. It is drilled for front and rear brakes and
    has internal rear brake cable routing through the top tube. The
    geometry is for 700c wheels f/r

    I am not sure when it was built, but the BB stamp would indicate 1984.
    Apart from the BB cluster it is beautifully fillet brazed throughout
    and made from Columbus Air tubing,
    meaning all tubes are aerodynamically shaped (or at least what was
    considered "aero" at the time), including the seat tube and
    proprietary seat post. The seat post seems to have been repaired some
    time ago, which isn't surprising given the seatclamp design. As you
    can see (picture with seat post fully extended) it is quite easy to
    damage the post if doing up the seat clamp too tight or too lose so
    the post is slipping. I tried to get round this problem by using a
    shim with some success, but in the end you just have to be very
    careful when doing up the seatclamp.

    The paint is a nice metallic red but chips quite easily. There are
    chips on the down tube, stays (most notable near the rear brake) and
    3-4 smaller chips on the top tube. The decals are above the lacquer
    and are starting to come off in places. In some places there is what
    must be residue from previous decals. No dents.

    Size Seat tube: 57cm c-t Top tube: 58cm c-c (~56cm virtual horizontal)
    Head tube: 7cm

    In the pictures it is set up for me (186cm/6ft 1in) so that I am in
    about the same position as if in the drops on my road bike. It would
    say it would fit someone 5ft 11 to 6ft 2, the limiting factor is the
    seat post really

    Pic of how BTR88 built it up:

    Like him I'd recommend a coke can shim to protect the seatpost from further damage but it's solid and works.

    Asking what I paid, £200 shipped in UK please.

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    "every time I burn my toast I'm reminded of the horrors of the Somme..."

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    Ayn Rand

    Now we are talking!

    One of my favourite quotes of hers ...

    "The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities."

    I am responsible for what I say, not for people's extrapolations and over-interpretations.

    After all, they don't call me the most controversial CEO for nothing.

    (Sorry I've only just caught up on the thread, I've just been playing ping-pong/eating chicken/ cycling).

    Page 14. I'd say most Ayn Rand is pretty dubious at this point in history.

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    Can you put a longer axle on it and use it as a rear?