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    so many lols.

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    do you still have the headset? i bought a puch fork a while ago by mistake, but couldn't use it due to the headset issue. will have to see if i still have it but may be interested if so...

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    not allowed to sell on here if it's for sale anywhere else. forum rules innit.

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    The available evidence would indicate this guy is an idiot - it's probably best not to bother reasoning with him.

    what available evidence are you referring to? the evidence of people who have read his posts on here, or the evidence of people who have actually met the guy?

    I met CLP, actually I bought from him a disc wheel and at that time I wasn't aware of his reputation on the forum.
    He looked to me like a young guy that didn't know much about bikes but someone that has fun swapping and playing around with """hhsb""" parts. Nothing bad I guess.
    As result I got this disc (it had a dura ace 6 speed cassette on, so I assume he has never been able to make fixed) that works fine and was pretty cheap as well.
    So from my side nothing nasty as this thread wants to show, just a very young chap that took reeaaaally wrong the spirit of the forum and started a war with anyone that went against his point of view, probably thinking that's how internet works.
    I hope he realise, when his ban expires, that he has a lot to learn about bikes and he needs to take this forum attitude on the right side and not getting offended when he shoots it too high.
    He's bikes are not so beautiful maybe and staying in a place like this might help him to find his way and learn something more about.


    I bought a saddle from CLP. It was reasonably priced and despite my inability to find the exact meeting spot, he was a very pleasant chap.

    I bought my rear wheel of clp, i dont know him personally but in person he seemed like a nice guy, he sold me almost exactly what he described and he gave me little discount but yeah I think this thread isn't fair on him but he does need to sort his anger issues it seems and the image he portrays of himself on here isn't a good look.

    I would say something similar, although he has bought stuff from me before not the other way round. He was late to meet me once and to apologise gave me another fiver and some coffee. Generally seemed nice enough, just easily offended on the internet I guess.

    I met clp at critical mass last month when I shouted at some dude on a low pro "with clearances like that you must be on the forum". We rolled and chatted for a bit and he was a total dude, so yeah. Suppose some people come over badly on the net.

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    so £140 is 'a bit cheaper' for a dirty (and frankly crap) bike? oh do fuck off.

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    Needing a new spoke and pedal cage means it's not mechanically sound doesn't it? Or do you mean it sounds like machinery?
    and from the pics it looks like you've done fuck all work on the bike to warrant such a high price. the cables clearly need replacing and the rear mech/freewheel/wheels are filthy. at least do it up a bit before trying to pass it off on here. even if you have no idea how to fix up a bike, spokes and pedals aren't difficult to replace.

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    ^^ did you tell him about his poor locking skills when you posted that pic in the how not to lock your bike thread?

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    That's the one I use on virgin because the original is blocked, just google eztv proxy and find one that works. Whoo internet filters, so hard to get round.
    or just use the links on this