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    if you are heading over the downs link it is advisable to join it at wonnersh as the part from st marthas hill to wonnersh is going to be impossible fixed as i struggled massively on a tourer and the sand at the top of the hill by the church is deep deep deep. The rest of the route is easily navigable a fact t which I can attest as I have ridden the downs link multiple times. I agree the thames path ish area will be slow going.

    The alternative option is route 21 from greenwich, mostly traffic free but you will probably have similar navigation errors as with anything sustrans if anyone has experience with their routes they can be patchy in places. A recce is advised.

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    i remember when my cooper sebring looked like this, now it is battered bruised, had it's wheels stolen and replaced, covered in stickers - which btw have now faded, but she still rides like a beaut

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    RIP cyclist, I ride through leytonstone often and this is very close to home

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    RIP, my condolences to all that know them

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    finally I am finishing work early enough for the first time in a year to attend the amusement that is critical mass, see everyone there

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    26. Prole - Nottingham Forest Football Club
    27. dicki - hereford united ... if they beat everton having beaten cheltenham, otherwise liverpool ( In as Liverpool fan ) i'm sure you wouldn't want it any other way
    28. Marco - Hercules CF / Arsenal
    29. onyerbike - Deportiva Wanka (Peru's finest, I have the shirt to prove it)*
    30. ashleyisdabest - Crawley Town FC - lets ride there :)

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    I am a local resident in North woolwich and my life is marred horrendously by this issue of river crossing. The original idea was to build a bridge between gallions reach and thamesmead - a solution which i wholeheartedly support as i use the a1020 on a daily basis and find it a perfectly amicable road, mainly due to it's dual carriageway and lack of speeding traffic. This solution was scrapped in 2010 even though infrastructure was built 20 years previously in support of this idea as it was meant to link into the thames gateway growth project of housing and buisness in the area and incorporate a dlr link to dagenham dock which would increase job prospects and commuter access within the local area. When this government funded project fell to the dust as no one was willing to invest in any area east of the excel centre which has seen fads such as the emirates airline spring up.

    I disagree with the two new proposals and have protested in print, online and at local meetings. The silvertown tunnel as previously mentioned would not be accessible to cycle traffic and the gallions ferry would be temporary as admitted by the secondary tfl consultation documentation and just be an excuse to build infrastructure in preparation for a bridge but have an excuse to stymie investment over a longer period of time and fob of local residents. Also due to 'apparent' work on the foot tunnel as we have no lifts unlike the greenwich tunnel and crossrail work access to north to south river crossing are dangerous at best.

    I implore any cyclist reading this to reply to the current consultation and petition for a bridge at gallions to thamesmead that is useful for everyone and have a system as mentioned above that would give cyclists more useful access to current foot tunnels to help traffic flow more freely as currently greenwich tunnel is overtaken by riders but not served appropriately.

    This issue frustrates me hugely as i head north to south and back again on a regular basis and slumping it through the dim foot tunnel adds extra time to my journey. Plus I have many amusing ferry fail stories.

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    dlr today, not because of the snow as it started after i left for work but because today was hell and i wanted to save the fun of the snow for tomorrow, defo commuting via fixed tmw :)

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    try emailing thames21 they clear out the canals in that area or british waterways who manage the canal network

    plus one of the forumengers has a canal boat she may know who to ask