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    I think they’re a bit more specific, as they slot into the shifter a bit. Worth a look though I suppose.

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    Another year, anyone riding?

    After two years on a road bike, gonna switch it up to the SS this year for a bit of fun.

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    Picked me up a Tour De Fer. Fantastic ride. Swapped the fenders over for some VO hammered ones, swift Paloma on the front for day trips. Such a smooth ride.

    Quite tempted to get some tan walls though, maybe in the spring.

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    If anyone’s interested, riding around Puget Sound was the highlight, especially with all the different ferries you can get.

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    After 2 and a 1/2 years and 10,000 miles of very pleasurable riding and adventures, the time has come for me to move on my Hobootleg. It's been a real labour of love, and well looked after, with plenty of upgrades (hope wheels, SLX brakes, Chris King Headset, Surly Nice Rack, 3 x King Cages etc). Selling only to fund something a bit more long distance road, as I'm starting to enjoy Audaxing / long rides a lot more, and its becoming a bit of a slog!

    A fantastic bike designed ahead of the curve. 650b Wheel off road / road adventure rig! Bombtrack, Kona etc all bringing out a version now of this type of bike. Pretty rare, they only made this version for a year or so, before taking a break and releasing the newer version this year (which isn't quite as nice I don't think!). It's been very dependable over road, rock and mud.

    Condition is good, but as expected from a bike, its got a few scratches and marks etc. It's a steel Columbus frame and fork, designed to last with an anti-rust paint.
    Note, the basket is probably not included!

    Full Spec :
    Frame / Forks - Cinelli Hobootleg Geo 2017 Size Large. (I'm 182cm and ride as pictured)
    Head Set - Chris King 1 1/8 Rasta Edition (top cap is missing, so standard black one)
    Bottle Cages - 3 x King Cages Stainless Steel
    Wheels - Hope Pro 4 XC Wheelset in Black 650b. (New recently, only done about 1000 miles.)
    Tyres - Maxxis Refuse 650 x 2".
    Chainset - RaceFace AEffect Direct Mount (38t)
    Drivetrain - Deore Rear Mech, Sunrace 10 speed 11-42 Cassette, SLX Shifter.
    BB - Shimano Deore Hollowtech II
    Brakes - Shimano SLX Front and Rear (Nearly new!)
    Rack - Surly Nice Rack (Rock solid rack!)
    Cockpit - USE Ultimate Stem (100mm), Thomson Downhill Bars, Stubby Bar Ends inside Grips, Ergon Grips.
    Seat Post - Promax 30.0 Seat Post
    Seat Coller - Thomson (Best there is)
    Saddle - Charge Spoon, All Black Limited Edition
    Mudguards - Velo Orange 650x60mm (with reflector)

    Price - I'd be looking around £400ish given the parts, quality of the frame. It's been used and thats taken into account.

    The bike is located just outside of Portsmouth, so you'll need to collect from there, (on the Waterloo - Portsmouth Trainline), Or i can meet you somewhere local around here.
    Also included is the frame pump and front light attachment / front light. Pedals are Nukeproof.
    There was a cable guide on the seat tube, but that was removed to fit the frame pump.
    There is a little bit of crimping on the chainstays from a kickstand, but they are not cracked and absolutely fine and structural, just a little mis-shaped. (Its done 10,000 miles and never missed a beat!)
    There are a few stickers on the frame, these should come off pretty easy if you don't want them there.

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    Box* of stuff from clearing out the shed that I no longer need, and doesn't seem worth selling them. Better to go to someone that might get some use out of them! Feel free to exchange for a 4 pack of beers ;-)

    *no box is included.

    To be collected altogether, please. This is from just outside Portsmouth, which is the catch I guess (though I am on the Waterloo/Portsmouth train line if it helps).

    What's available :

    1 x Pair of Schwalbe Big Ben 650x2.0" tyres - Good condition.
    1 x 26" wheel - the Rim is cracked and is not salvageable, but its a Hope Pro 2 Orange Hub in good condition.
    1 x Renthal Fat Bar in ok condition. 31.8 x 720mm (trimmed)
    1 x Brompton Standard Seat Post - Very good condition
    1 x Charge Riser in good condition
    1 x Nukeproof Neutron Seatpost 31.6 x 400mm, ok condition
    1 x Old 26mm Dawes Bars, ok condition
    1 x Selcof Flared Bars, 31.8 x 440mm (or there abouts)

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    Ideally actually waterproof, or at least a good level of water resistance.

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    Apologies, ‘stylish baggies’. By baggies I mean nice cut shorts that aren’t Lycra. Not for MTB.