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    1. Pistanator (EFC)
    2. teenslain (CFC)
    3. jonny (MUFC)
    4. furious tiles (WHUFC)

    5. damo (DCFC)
    6. murtle (Hairafter, netball)
    7. middleofnowhere (AFC)
    8. supertony (LFC)
    9. Radius (CFC)
    10. Dov (OMFC)
    11. Wyclefofdover (Norwich City FC - on a 93/94 bike - in the yellow jersey)
    12. Slag (Champions League Quarter Finalists - AFC)
    13. cliveo (CFC)
    14. reeen (WC GER)
    15. Clever Pun (LFC)
    16. richoking (SUFC)
    17. Sharkstar (MFC)
      19: Jimmy Piercy (YID ARMY)
    18. Fussballclub (BIRG)
    19. Marco (Sir Roy's Fulham)
    20. hellomiles (THFC)
    21. shoots (THFC)
    22. MG (Nigeria)
    23. Marco (AFC)
    24. Carlo (QPR)
    25. Ark Minor (Rochdale FC – proper football)
    26. Chelsea Beef (if I'm not in the US of and A)
    27. John H (LFC)
    28. bodieanddoyle (WHUFC)
    29. Pink (Spurs)
    30. jcgarcia (cpfc)
    31. crispin glover (BCFC)
    32. dicki (lfc)
    33. D. Generate (WHUFC, Real Madrid or England)
    34. colnago_costa (WHUFC)
    35. JAMIE (CAFC)

    36. Nuknow (Sporting Club Portugal)
    37. Brave (AFC)
    38. Mrs Brave (FFF)
    39. BRM (Celtic)
    40. moog (Holland)
    41. billybob (anything but manure aka abu)
    42. Soul (WB fuckin' A)
    43. cake (CFC)
    44. Puncheur (DCFC)
    45. Mustardbeak (NFFC)
    46. Clintsmoker (WBAFC)
    47. alockett (LFC)
    48. Stringerman (Gooner)
    49. spybot (BCFC) - probably from Stamford Bridge
    50. Fourteenwinters (THFC)
    51. Risk (Korea)
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    53. JoshBev (WHUFC Massif)

    54. Gav86 (WWFC)
    55. Rookie66
    56. Slapshot (CFC)
    57. goreggiego (LFC)

    Out, one less CNUT; have fun!!!!

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    I want to go but missed the last one as I work nights and it really depends on what work I am doing at that time. If its a hard night and I dont get to bed until around 6.30am I am to cream crackered. I too will keep an eye on this thread.

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    what about those tiny ones you pull up on? i want one off them
    If its one of these they are superb . Bit noisy and the hose could do with being a bit longer to be perfect but pumps to 120 with no extra effort as you increase the air. http://www.cyclaire.co.uk/index.php/vmch­k/Cyclaire-Pumps/Cyclaire-Plus.html

    My blackburn trackpump struggles over a 100 and gets harder to pump.

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    Newbury Park these days.

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    My flatmate has bought a single speed after not riding a bike since he was a little kid. He's mainly doing laps of the park at the moment, but I'm going to try and drag him along for the May version of this, for his first ride.
    Hopefully I would of met you before then on the Lea river ride. Its always good to put faces to names.

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    I bumped into Tyson at the start and had a chat with him.

    We left the Mass at Hyde Park Corner, too--not my favourite Mass ever. It felt scrappy. People were doing some excellent corking. I can't remember the Mass moving along Oxford Street so fast.
    Couldnt agee more with the scrappiness last night,lack of sounds didnt help imo but netherless still enjoyed and as you say excellent corking. I cant recall any real upsets which can only be a good thing and even the stops were not silly long as to antagonise motorists. I took some newbies to the mass ride along and they loved it.

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    Great night, shame I had to shoot off to work quite early,I really wanted to stay at Foffas. Had a chat with Tyson and Danni who I only met on the ride and I must say what polite lads. Heres a few pics of the evening.

    Tyson (left) Danni (middle)

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    Last ride I only just made it by 7pm as they trundled off, Is it likely for the ride to start any earlier than 7pm cos I dont want to get all the way there and miss it.

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    Sale of replica Chelsea shirts - £20 - at the Chelsea megastore now.


    is that with a free matchday ticket as well. bargain !!!

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    1. John H
    2. Jeez
    3. 606

    Ive been wanting to do this for a while now.