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    It’s all dog whistles to yt civilian militias. Trust there’ll be a gap between the state response and the military response. That bit in the middle will be the bit where Tramp green lights yt nutters shooting anyone they want.

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    Neon pink top with magenta glitter coat. Neon Magenta bottom with neon pink glitter coat.

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    Hey yo Short person.

    I’m 5’6 for context.

    Here’s blurbz :

    Late 60’s Ernie Clements era Falcon San Remo Model 98

    21” Reynolds 531 San Remo 98. (Team Edition)
    Fully chromed version. Original chrome on head tube and rear 1/4 triangle. No chips to paint, some darkening on 40 yr old chrome. Campagnolo headset.
    Campagnolo fork & track ends.

    Just refinished professionally by Armor Cycles in mad hologlitter on purple.

    Sugino Mighty Competition 53t ring to Villiers 20t cog. SR pista cranks. New Shimano BB.

    Mks Custom Nuevo pedals/ mks toe flipper on drive side/ mks cages with leather toe protector. Kashimax 5Gold straps.

    Ambrosio Excursion clincher rims on Miche Primato hubs with sealed bearings. Continental Ultra 23mm. Bearings recently replaced front and rear.

    SR road champ bars, SR Road Champ stem. SR Laprade seat post. Shimano exige front calliper and cross top lever.

    Can be viewed by socially distanced appointment. Collection preferred.

    Could sort you out a saddle for the ride home but you’ll probably want your own one no? :) happy to give you a choice of a few I’ve got spare.

    Super short wheelbase.(91cm) Super tight clearances (Rizla Green)

    Mad toe overlap obviously.

    Possible to post at buyers expense. Item will be professionally packed and posted by my local frame builder (Armor) and insured for the sale price.

    Tricky to price as so few exist any more. I did try to find some past sales on the bay and not much popped up.


    £950 exc p&p and PayPal fees.

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    It’s one of these. ❤️

    From the wrap around seat post ‘flatness’ and the lugs it looks to be late 60’s.

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    Any recommendations on the best places to sell older bikes. I’ve a late 60’s Falcon San Remo taking up space that I’m too scared to ride these days.

    Edited for putting in wrong decade.

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    Cool. I’m after one to strip/ recover. ❤️

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    Did they take that flite?

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    What would help personally?

    A lower burden of proof that POC felt threatened for their safety whilst the abuse was happening.

    A white person to say they also felt their safety was threatened and abuser swung at me first and I reacted in self defence and then be prepared to reflect this in a statement.

    Apart from white peoples actually doing the punching on my behalf (Cos you know we’re gonna get punished harder and longer and more brutally than you might be at every single stage of the justice process- You can literally get away with murder) this is what being an actual ally would look like. Any other response and you’re flexing that privilege.

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    Standard white person reply.

    For the record it totally helps. That twitter dude will think twice before thinking they can say that out loud in public.