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    Thanks, hmm, im guessing bending required as ive not those useful looking adjustment pieces. Its been crashed before so not too fussed about it,

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    Changed the bars, mudguards and put a wald basket on. Lovely and fun to ride although the back of the basket seems to be always sliding downwards despite tightening everything.

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    I went to go see the stars in Wales. Cobbling together a series of routes from a gifted lost lanes book. Pontypool - Hay on Friday evening.

    Started off on canal path to Abergavenny, before the hillier parts. Set off a little too late and ended up racing the sun knowing that trying to pitch a tent for the first time in the dark would be a recipe for tears. Learnt from last month and had planned where I was going to sleeping. Naturally punctured on the path to the campsite next to the Wye. Just about managed to put it up as the owner made comment that most places wouldnt be serving food anymore as I fixed the puncture. Two teachers nearby took pity and offered me the remains of their dutch oven which I sopped up with the remains of some bread I had.

    Saw the stars, saw the milky way faintly. Slept happy.

    Next day started with a little loop north before breakfast.

    I guess the problem of using the book's routes was that each one had a sort of "feature", and being Wales these were all climbing. Combining the 4 just made for unpleasantness. I was slow but enjoyed the views from Gospell.

    Around 6, I ended up cranky and despite the circular route I'd planned ended back on the canal and opted to pootle and watch the herons with a cornetto without worrying about traffic.

    Next time: see more stars, plan a better route maybe and start doing audaxes again.

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    Day 1: strava.com/activities/652146­963
    Day 2: strava.com/activities/652145­843
    Day 3: strava.com/activities/652105­826

    And unfortunately despite a further day clambering around the rocks, not a single crab was had.

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    Last week I went for my first tour.
    Bristol -> Falmouth over 3 days.
    The route was cobbled from the Exmouth Exodus route, LEJOG routes that avoided a roads and a deep seated desire to cross Dartmoor. Not much of a camper before but bike packed (too much) and took a bivy bag. Set off late on the Monday with the run blazing down and aimed for about 60 miles and turned off when there were signs for a campsite, which was empty and I learnt the moon can be offensively bright.

    With more sun aimed for 80-100miles, pleasant trundle into Exeter for breakfast before the slow ascent over Dartmoor. A part of me died when I stopped at a co-op in Mortonhampstead which my mind thought was the centre and not the beginning Dartmoor. It was hot and I found myself jealous of the ponies crowded under what little shade there was crossing the top.

    I had thought about wild camping but hadn't the confidence, having not planned stop points I ended up in a town that reminded me of how poor Cornwall can be: Doublebois (pronounced boys) with a campsite overhearing the beautiful A38 and on a light industrial estate. Having woken up that day to pure blue skies the next days murk and mist and half out of the bivy bag spurred me on to find somewhere better for breakfast. Making coffee over Carylon bay and wishing I'd continued the day before to what looked like less right next to the a38 campsites.

    Arrived in Saint Mawes for 1 for an ice cream and an attempt at finding a crab.

    Things I learnt: at least think about where you're going to stop to sleep or commit to wild camping.
    I don't completely hate camping and should pluck the courage for wild camping.

    Have a few days off next week so might head to the Breacons.

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    Not with that attitude they can't. Saddle bags work alright. Just need the confidence to take more space in the luggage area of a train carriage

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