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    Top one is a fantastic

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    I moved from M6 to T2 and it was honestly the best thing I've ever done camera-wise.

    The build quality of the M6 is amazing and when everything in the equation is bang-on it's really hard to beat. It's also pretty versatile if you have a few lenses...


    Let's be honest, the time and effort required to wrangle that manual focus is pretty impractical and you pay a price for that. Also, no-one has a range of lenses because they cost a fortune.

    By contrast, Contax T2 (especially at 2.8 auto-focus) has changed my life. I'm definitely someone who's less interested in the exactitudes of photography and more interested in 'the moment' and for that it's amazing. Caught so much good street stuff with that set-up and there's there's manual/zone focus option and other apertures if you want to experiment with settings. Granted it's not as versatile as a selection of M-mounts but the camera also costs less than a single Leica lens.

    It's also a really beautiful object in it's own right and the flash is built in and brilliant. Best camera I ever had.

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    Hi guys,

    Selling my Dave Quinn track bike which has been sat in my flat unused for three years and now really needs to go due to house move. I love this bike but the truth is I just don't really use it.

    The frame is hand-built from Reynolds 653 and comes from Dave Quinn in Chester. I bought it from James on here (think he was Pistoffski?) about seven years ago and for about four of those it served as my everyday street rat. It's in pretty good condition but has a few decent sized chips in the (incredible) enamel work. Tried to capture some of these in the snaps. If you like your paintwork pristine, this isn't for you.

    Might as well get straight to the catch: I no longer have the key for the Krypto lock so the buyer would have to deal with that. Angle grinder ought to do it.

    Here's a list of the parts:

    Bars: Nitto
    Stem: 3T
    Post: Thomson
    Seat: Dogshit Regal copy BUT I have a beautiful brand new Turbo I can chuck in for an extra £20.
    Crankset: Sugino Messenger
    Wheels: Mavic Ellipse
    Front break: One I got from BLB but it's surprisingly good quality. Lever is a Goldfinger.
    Tyres: Gatorskins

    Quality of the frame is super-high. As stated, it was made by Dave Quinn who employed some amazing frame-builders. Paul Donohue (who I imagine needs no introduction) built a lot of these. There is a large Cinelli logo on the the bottom bracket shell and I believe the dropouts/ends are Campag. Drilled for brake from factory. Tight clearances, aggressive geo, very fun, nippy bike. Outrageous 90s colour scheme, just getting a little ratty in its old age.

    PRICE: £450

    Collection: Upper Holloway.

    Donation will be made to forum.

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    Question for the Poundland Vista 200 veterans - is it any good on dull days? Thinking about taking some to Bologna this Christmas but part of me thinks 400 iso would be a better bet . (The Vista is just irresistibly cheap.)