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    Having a bit of a clear out (please tell me which number item you are interested in):

    1. Pair new Quando 26" 32 hole mountain bike (26") brushed/anodised black rims for disc brakes: £10 the pair (great for a build your own project)

    2. Rear wheel - used (but good condition) rear mountain bike (26") wheel, 32 spokes. Shimano hub, not sure what rim is - hub, rim & spokes are silver. £15

    3. Front wheel - used (but in good condition) front mountain bike (26") wheel. Very high quality Mission hub w/ 6 bolt disc fixing w/ 36 spokes. Rim, spokes & hub are black. £20

    4. Rear wheel - used (but in good condition) rear mountain bike (26") wheel w/ Hope 6 bolt disc hub, 36 spokes. Also includes 9 speed cassette. £25

    5. Pair - new 700c. 32 spokes. Shimano Tiagra hub w/ Mach 1 rims. Silver hub, spokes & rim. QR lever included. £55

    6. Pair - 650c wheels - used. Bontrager hubs and rims. Front is paired radial - 20 spoke, rear is 24 spoke. Rims, spokes and hubs are black. 9 speed cassette, tyres, tubes and QR levers included. £20

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    I'd love you to have them. The plan is to meet at our place around 7pm & then we will leave at 7.15pm. There's drinks & nibbles but no food - so come fed but not watered. Scherrit will try hard to finish his fitting by 7pm . . .

    Looking forward to seeing you then - will show you drawers.

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    I'd like to find a home for 2 sets of storage drawers. I bought them when I was living in New York - but don't need them any more. The frames are silver aluminium colour & they are very lightweight & on casters. The drawers are translucent white. They are in very good condition

    The tall drawers are about 1.5m tall and have 5 deep drawers. The shorter one is about 1m tall and has shallow drawers that are a bit larger than A4. They would be really good for storage in an office - or even for underwear.

    Just please be sure you do want them & are prepared to collect them before next Thursday.

    Collection is from North Ealing (sorry, no pictures or I would have put them on ebay)

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    No problem. Ad edited accordingly.

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    Sorry - it's not for sale anywhere I don't think. I got it when I did my mechanics course - they had them made specially. It's the sort that holds the BB & the front fork. It also has a small tray for tools. Weights about 5kg I should think - would easily fold up to go under a bed.

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    Dear All

    Having sat on a load of stuff for most of the year trying to get round to ebaying it - I have given up. So much for new year's resolutions.

    The following is still available:

    2. New pair 700c road wheels - 32 hole. Shimano Tiagra hubs with Mach 1 rims. Hubs, spokes & rims in silver. Includes Shimano skewers. £65

    5. 4 x 26" rims - new - for disc brakes. Matt black Quad Cross Country Mamba - 32 hole. Free to good home

    **6. 26" rear wheel 32 hole - very good condition. Shimano hub w/ Araya rim. Hub, spokes & rim are silver. £15

    9. Ceiling light - almost new. 4 halogen lamps with glass shades on a stainless steel arm. The light raises and lowers for more or less atmosphere (or headroom) - free to good home

    But this is gone:

    1. GONE (Moog) Folding bike stand (for mechanicing). Doesn't take up much room, good condition. £10

    2. GONE (Plastic Pedals) Pair 700c road wheels - 24 spokes rear, 20 spoke front. Shimano WH-R500 rims (almost new) - and Shimano WH-R500 hubs. Rim, spokes & hubs in black. Includes 10 speed Shimano hub (12-25 I think) & rim tape - but no skewers. £35

    3. GONE Car rack - fits 2 bikes - mounts on towing hitch. Good condition - includes space for number plate and full lighting board. £20

    4. GONE (Moog - yes, it takes 26" mtb tyres - just give us a call when you are back - 020 8998 7271) 26" front wheel - 36 hole. For disc brakes - really smooth Mission hub - can't see a brand on the rim. Rim, spokes & hub are black. Includes skewer. £15

    5. GONE (Tenderloin - just give us a call when you are back - 020 8998 7271) 3 Dect digital phones (ie; 1 base unit plus 2 other phones - all need to go together) - free to good (or not so good) home

    6. GONE 2 x outdoor flood lights - stainless steel with sensors. In working order. Free to good home.

    Sorry no pictures (if I could be bothered to - I would have put these items on ebay). Collection only from North Ealing. We are around all week. In the event of a tie - preference will be given to those who can collect first!!

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    Part of my clear-out has revealed my lightly used bike rack. It's a couple of years old & in excellent condition. Sorry, I don't know what brand it is - but I bought it from the Roof Box Company.

    It mounts on the tow hitch of the car - you just drop it on, apply the clamp and that's it. Very secure and easy to fit. If you need access to the boot, the entire rack and bikes tilt out of the way. The rack will hold 2 bikes - you can carry pretty much any bike on it - it doesn't need to have a crossbar, and it doesn't matter if it's huge or tiny as the bikes rest on the wheels and the cups slide in & out to accommodate different sizes.

    The rack has full lights and has a mount for the number plate of your car - so it's legal throughout europe.

    We only replaced it because we needed a rack that took more bikes.

    £55 (sorry, too lazy to take pictures and ebay it). Collection is North Ealing.