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  • Brixton Cycles - 296-298 Brixton Rd, London SW9 6AG
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    Dave - as our chief negotiator ...... please can I ask you to let me know whether we will actually be able to go north of the river for this ride?

    I can't see how you can confuse me with a chief negotiator

    no similarity at all

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    Two pages and no sign of @JAH_tim yet.....


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    Cobblemonster 2019 entry is open!

    Please don't be put off by the date on the website (we're fixing that), we hope to see you all on Sunday the 14th of April at Brixton Cycles for more Cobbles, Hills and big screen Paris-Roubaix.

    The usual array of fine cuisine, drinks and raffle prizes will be on offer at Brixton Jamm post ride.

    sign up here:



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    I had one of these a few years back. Very sweet ride, the 6sp 1050 SIS is a great little gruppo. Frame and fork are full 531. For some reason all the Quadras have a bit of surface rust on the top tube but don't let that put you off...and the paint job is now back in vogue of course. A very fair price for a good machine.

  • JAMM, 261 BRIXTON ROAD, London SW9 6LH
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    Granville Park

    Dont agree I'm afraid. Previously considered but in practice Station Rd is bus city and you need to do x2 R turns, the second one onto the A20 against a brick central reservation... you still end up on the A20 which is as busy as shooters hill road only slower moving.

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    Happy to take suggestions - on the caveat that the route avoids that massive rounabout in Lewisham. We've had numerous looks at this and the only way to avoid is to cut the maze Hill climb out. If you top Maze Hill and go through blackheath all options either dump you down on the Lewisham Rounabout unless you headed straight on and further south into Lee.

    And then there are some that tell us they like that bit....

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    @almac68 - speaking with the venue later. Dont recall seeing anything on our final sweeps but we'll see.

    Thanks to all for making it out into the rain, which hopefully made it more epic! Thanks also for you donations to The Evelina.

    And well done to @mashton for winning the frame, totally appropriate that a FG frame goes to this forum.

    Pics up when I get them from the Scotsman.