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    Ah yes, of course it's chronological - but there are two overviews of the trips to make it easier...

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    Credit card tourer as well here. No problems in sparely populated areas like Kyushu (which is also really incredible) and Hokkaido.

    In Kyushu you will always find Minshukus, in Hokkaido as well - but they're often a little bit more basic with shared bathrooms, if you don't mind. Also you'll probably end sleeping on some farm a little outside the next small city, which can be really nice.

    Didn't try out Ryder Houses, but this will also give you some backup.

    Started doing a blog on the trips just last year (while doing bicycle trips since 10 years), so not much is documented. But if you want, you can find some information there about Taiwan and Hokkaido.....


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    I'm just not sure I'll find a route as good as this one.

    You will....there is quite a lot to discover there. Have done almost 4500km in the country now - last one was Hokkaido, which you should check out. The guy from the video was also there and has a guide...

    Thanks for sharing btw!

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    First of all thanks for all the recommendations - will look into them...would be also interesting how you mount them. I haven't got a front bag, so water bottle holder or handlebar attachment via velcros are the way to go i guess.

    And yes, would be nice to know how far the speakers can be apart before loosing connection and what they do then, if they need user interaction for reconnection etc....

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    Hey there,

    started last year to listen to music while riding, only way to keep me excited for 200kms.

    Used a JBL Clip 2 until now - which is really nice with its integrated carabiner, waterproof, not to heavy and absolutely ok volume wise.

    Going on a cycleholiday now with a friend, who's also a music nerd like me. Is there any way we can have two speakers but with the same music playing? I know the JBL Clip 2 can be paired, but I'm not sure about the distance and what will happen after one looses the other.

    As I need the music to scare away bears (yes....Hokkaido!) a slight volume upgrade would also be nice...

    Thanks for any information...

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    Just to answer this finally: Shimano does flat ones for aluminium frames.
    After grinding some little nose on the socket I have they fit tightly and still have space for turning the adjuster...

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    Hey there!

    This is driving me mad. One endcap is the last missing part to my current build (Nishiki from 1985). It's the end cap for the braze on on the chainstay.

    Regular end caps with 5.7mm outer are to big, 4.7mm are too small and have to much play. Many older frames expect an even smaller one with 4mm outer, so the adapter i nicked from another frame doesn't fit as well.

    I measured 5.2mm inner and there seem to be some adapter caps for it at SJS...

    As I'm based in Germany and need that part quite urgent - is there an official Shimano counterpart for this piece or can anyone link to similar ones?

    Thanks so much in advance....