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    Do you have dumbells?
    Split squats are easy to weight up with farmer carry dumbells- one in each hand.
    Then its essentially a lunge but with emphasis on chest up, core stable, and the eccentric/concentric phase being through the front leg with a slight lateral movement of the knee. Or rather thats your external cue- the aim is to prevent the knee from bowing inwards.

    As for Squat Rack- Goblet Squat FTW.

    Practice, practice, practice.

    (I still suck)

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    Your first job should be nailing technique.
    Then a program of deadlifts, goblet squats, Rows would probably cover it, with some tricep/ bicep work (for the climbs).
    Back squats are not the answer for optimal core activation/ injury prevention from technique mishaps.
    Technique: https://stronglifts.com tends to be good.
    Work from a raised off the ground, empty bar first to really focus on Gluteal activation, and remember controlled lowering to the ground.

    In terms of a program- I'd probably suggest a high rep, high set system, with [relatively] low weights.

    Warm up: (x3)
    Skipping x 1 mins.
    Squat jumps onto a platform x10
    Bosu Ball Pressup burpees x 20.
    Pull-ups (wide grip- 5-10-15-depending on when you max out)
    or Reverse Lunges x 10 each leg.

    Warm up each exercise individually as well with a 40% weight set for 8-10 reps.
    12- 15 of D/L
    12-15 Bicep curls
    (repeat x 4, 90s rest between each set)
    12-15 goblet squats holding dumbell
    12-15 Tricep extension
    (repeat x 4, 90s rest between each set)
    12-15 Chest supported rows (ie lying on a bench angle 30 degrees, puling the dumbell with the intention of keeping the elbows down
    Options for paired exercises- incline bench Dumbell press, or generic ab variations.
    (repeat x 4, 90s rest between each set)

    I tend to chuck the plank in at every completed round (pair of sets)

    Then 5-10 minutes working on the abdominal and back muscles.
    Then a quick 10 minutes on the bike or running machine.
    Then stretch!

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    So I now have a recipe for you to try if you should wish.
    Makes a large amount of 'clean' protein bars- you decide sizing, but calories based on what I have here.
    2 x large bananas (350g with skin on) [175 calories, ish, 50g carbs]
    350g smooth peanut butter (Excess oil removed from initial opening of pot- reserved for cooking ftw) [2100 cal, 130g Fat, 35g Carb, 105g protein]
    40g Coconut Oil [40g fat, 360cal]
    150g Vegan Protein without artificial sweeteners (again I use Vive or Amazing Grass- vive chocolate works best) [ 525 cal, 110g protein]
    2 egg or chia replacement [120 cal, 6g fat, 6g protein, 10g carb -ish]
    Cinnamon x lots.
    Vanilla extract
    Pinch of salt
    (optional: 1 desertspoon of cocoa powder).
    Mush bananas, mix everything together. You want a batter thats not dry nor wet, kinda like gingerbread mix.
    Divided into Tablespoon cookie size:
    Bake at fan 17o for 8-10mins on a lightly sprayed baking sheet/ foil. Let cool.
    they should hold together and pop off the pan easy.
    Total macros: (roughly and rounded up
    2900 cal. 100g Carbs. 180g Fat. 220g protein.
    I tend to make 25-30 little tiny cookies:
    120 cals, 10g Protein, 7g Fat, 4g Carb.
    Divide it how you like, I think I could reduce the PB- swapped for almond/coconut milk- and will try in the next batch and post results.

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    The only 'good' bar I've found is Vive. Minimal artificial shit, too.
    But you should not be using the bars in any case as they predominantly seem to contain a 'fibre' which is actually a relatively easily digested long chain starch, alongside all that sweetener crap.
    Its way better just to have a high protein yog instead.
    When I got lean- I cut them out of my diet and the difference was almost absurd...

    I'm going back to the absurd diet for 1 month now, and we'll see what I can acheive.

    Sadly- I put the weight back on and have been essentially on a bulk pattern recently.

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    Have you ever trained with that man- he's actually insane.
    If you ever need a training buddy-HMU.

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    Swimming is always a winner with knees. Just don’t do breaststroke.

    Glad to see this thread has its annual increase in posts ;)
    I’m one of them, having somehow gone from 8% to 12% BF since breaking a rib and tearing an oblique.
    Trying hard, but little to no movement.
    I find it hardest to shift weight when it’s cold though, even though my activity level remains constant.
    Main goal for 2019- reduce my fear of riding a bike in London. Have been really struggling since the last hit.

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    Not really, I’m certainly not going to allow ‘test rides’ for fairly obvious reasons.
    You’re welcome to have a look, but since I’m still riding the thing occasionally, I’m pretty happy with the condition.