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    Is that Amager?

    Refshaleøn looks like a little dinosaur head on a very overweight body.

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    CorbynForPresident? Vs Millenial Falcon

    Voice of the Pigeons Vs Millenial Falcon

    MMMbop Vs Millenial Falcon

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    It's a fair point about that last pair - I'm kind of amazed it happened as they literally looked unworn when they arrived. My gaffa tape fix is enough for a comfortable 10k, so they might just be my short and fast shoes for now.

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    I actually did stop a couple of times, but I was feeling impatient and didn't want to lose my flow so maybe didn't' wait long enough. As soon as I started again it would be straight back at my ankles.

    Wasted a fair few seconds on it.

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    Why not? I buy pretty much everything secondhand and have never had trouble. The mad thing is that loads of people seem to sell shoes after a single 5k run. There's a Facebook group called running gear for sale and it's full of pairs around the £40 mark that have been used once or twice.

    Coupled with the atrocious conditions for people making shoes and the ridiculous amount of pairs for sale in barely used condition I see it as a positive thing to do!

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    Training is paying off and my pace is getting more regular and quick. Narrowly missed out on a 45 minute 10k today (I blame an ankle biting dog), and I reckon I will crack 20 minutes 5k soon.

    After a few attempts at patching up those shoes, I've realised they're not going to be comfortable for anything more than 10k and I need a pair of shoe for long runs mainly on road and towpaths. Any suggestions? What's a good shoe for running 30km plus that is kind to knees and gives good support?

    Also if anyone has something suitable for sale in 9.5, let me know.

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    Salomon Sonic Pro.

    I've probably only done 200 miles MAX in them. They looked brand new when I got them.

    Got them secondhand, so not much I can do.

    Edit: they were only £40 posted, which helps with the pain.

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    NOOOOO! I’ve only owned these shoes a few months, but the heel has started splitting and it’s gonna cause me serious pain on longer runs.

    They’re the best shoes I’ve ever run in, but I guess they’re more of a race shoe and not designed for loads of miles.

    Any repair suggestions? Are they goners?

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    “The idea being it trains the body to use what it's already got stored. No idea if there is any real science behind it but seems to work for me.”

    That has totally been my MO too, and I do think there’s something in it. However I sometimes find i tank at about 20 miles and my calf muscles start cramping. Also it makes recovery frustratingly slow.

    I’m gonna start hydrating better and eating earlier for sure.