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    Re: not knowing your estimated track speeds, I now have a running coach (because I realised the only way I was going to get better at running without injuring myself again was to pay someone to tell me to run slower and less far) who is getting me to set benchmarks for these specifically.

    So this Monday my session was to go and do a 1-mile time trial (easy warm up - 1 mile all out - warm down) and today I did a 1k time trial. I imagine shorter and longer ones will be coming next and it's good to have some January times to compare against as the year goes on.

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    So sorry to hear that James.

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    Thanks – thought that might be the case but wanted to ask in case informal visits were a thing during lockdown. Guess I'll go check out the Regent's Park track then, thanks for the tips.

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    Goals for 2021:

    • Focus on running for a year to see how good I can get at it if I really try
    • Don't overtrain and get injured like I usually do
    • Improve my time at the Hackney Half in May
    • London Marathon or another marathon sometime in autumn

    On another note, does anyone know if it's easy/a good idea to sneak into the running track at Finsbury Park? I need somewhere flat to do some speed runs and it seems like the best option but its always closed.

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    Yes. This time around I know a lot more people personally who have had a positive test (4 in the last two weeks vs 0 during first wave). Although half of it is probably because it's much easier to get a test this time - I'm pretty certain I had it in March but didn't get a test because they were telling people with mild symptoms to stay home so don't know for sure.

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    They've changed over the weeks but included variations of split squats, hip thrusts, calf raises, glute bridges with a resistance band and side planks. Lots of single leg of each so your weak leg can't hide. I also was supposed to start a gym plan using bigger weights - leg press, barbell - but only managed one visit before we went into Tier 4.

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    Got some new running shoes for Christmas (Nike Zoom Tempo Next%), went for a run today - my first sort of progression run (10 min easy, 10 min hard, 10 min easy, 10 min hard) since giving up fast running when I got injured.

    Wow. I didn't realise shoes could make such a difference. In 8k I beat nearly every PB except my 5k which was only 15 second off. The weeks of physio work to strengthen my calves, glutes and weak left leg has no doubt helped too...

    Anyway, running newb revelation complete. Just thought I'd share as it's brightened up my Boxing Day and made me much more excited about 2021!

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