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    this is a used item, scratches on outside of drops, no dents or nicks. still perfectly aligned.
    40mm width from outside edge of drops
    25mm tubing
    col. Aubergine

    really nice profile bars.
    £ 30 ono

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    vintage bars sold to Mig
    Foldable bike sold

    Nitto bars going on eBay today.

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    Both handle bars and bikes are still available. will move to other websites tomorrow am if no more interest. thanks!

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    replied by PM regarding the above questions. thanks

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    Fork is sold
    Trolly is sold

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    We are moving house soon so have a few odd bits and bobs to sell:

    1. Vintage GB Maes bars. pre 1940's ? SOLD
      42mm width at widest point
      22mm alloy tubing with embossed steel shim.
      Col. Silver
      similar to the "Lautwasser" design.
      £40 ono

    2. Nitto B123 Steel Racing Drops
      40mm width,
      25mm steel tubing
      col. Aubergine
      used, scratched on drops but perfectly aligned.
      £ offers

    3. Bike trolly with cover SOLD
      21" x 29",
      14" basket depth. sides collapse down for storage.
      col. black/yellow
      new near condition.
      Missing hatch component for bike as bike was stolen. Can buy from Evans/Giant etc.
      £ offers

    4. Columbus, Tusk cycle cross fork SOLD
      steerer length 218mm
      1 1/8 width
      used, see scratches in photos
      £40 ono

    5. Philips micro theater system + remote control SOLD
      30w speakers + subwoofer
      plays windows media/mp3/dvd/cd
      £ offers

    6. Magnat 3 way bass reflex speakers SOLD
      130/240W great sound quality.
      £40 ono

    7. ZSA blue girls bike.
      Paint job is battered and worn. Nothing fancy but good for a pub bike once covered in stickers!
      needs a new headset/fork? can explain further if needed.
      tires not included.
      £50 ono

    8. Apollo foldable bike. SOLD
      we call it the "stoner" bike due to its lack of speed...
      £30 ono

    leave questions/dibs below and I will answer in thread or by PM if sold.

    Cash + Collection from E9 (Homerton/Victoria Park)
    also happy to post handle bars (at extra cost).


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    Can the additional stickers be removed without damaging the paintwork?

    I'm actually looking at the Kepler 2014, but the fade paint job is stunning.
    Is £1000 a sensible offer?