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    It took me ages to collect all the brand new parts to build this excellent example. Unfortunately, my eyes are bigger than my garage and I'm just not using it enough to justify keeping it.

    Frame is Volume Cutter in purple, seat tube 50cm c-t, top tube 52cm c-c. Fork is Leader reaper fgfs in matte black. Headset is FSA Orbit fully integrated. Stem is Affix BMX hidden bolt and bars are the legendary DMR Wingbar, with ODI Longneck Xl grips. Chainset is by Eighth- Inch with clear bmx pedals and Restraps. KMC Kool chain. Velosolo bolt on fixed cog on the rear hub. NO Freewheel, or the facility to fit one. Gearing is 48/18 which I find fine for brakeless use.

    Wheels are something else. Deore hubs laced 3x with black stainless spokes and black brass nipples to Mavic TN719 disc rims. These are super light and super strong XC disc rims with no ugly machined braking surface. This beautiful wheelset was hand built and would cost a small fortune if you were to have something similar built.

    Again, to avoid any confusion, the rear hub is a bolt-on fixed cog with no facility for a freewheel!!!

    Tyres are Schwalbe Marathon, of course.
    Seatpost is a generic alloy one with a DJ saddle.

    There is the odd mark (from storage, the bike has hardly been used) but only cosmetic, nothing structural.

    Never used in anger, just ridden to work and the shops a few times.

    Bike is located near Newcastle, so will post if required.

    Looking for £399 plus postage and would rather not split.

    Any questions, just ask. I may have missed something.

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    CdF sounds the ideal tool for this sort of ride. I used my Pompino with 28s for the Hadrian's cycle route but my brother used his Giant Defy 2 with 25s. Both bikes were fine, even on the gravelly bits.

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    Kinda surprised that no-one has replied to this. I quite fancy the idea of doing this route sometime. Not any time soon mind you, I've just got back from doing the Hadrians cycleroute on Saturday. It was awesome btw and I'd thoroughly recommend it.

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    Any mks pedals. Just g**gle it.......

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    ........I countered by suggesting that they forget discs, suspension and daft seatposts (for their budget)....

    I agree with your overall sentiment, but would suggest a Giant Escape 2:

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    ^ This
    One fork is 24tpi, the other 26 tpi

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    That's pretty remote for sure. I'm in Cramlington myself, only just into Northumberland...

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    Yes, there are a few spread out. Whereabouts are you?

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    OK. Thanks. Looking for full wheels.