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noun: love; plural noun: loves..
a strong feeling of affection.
"babies fill parents with intense feelings of love"
synonyms: deep affection, fondness, tenderness, warmth, intimacy, attachment, endearment; More(?)

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    Mixte is now sold.

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    Dibs pm'd

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    Yeah it was a pretty large
    blow out no doubt it's now

    I wasn't thinking at the time,
    should have held my breath
    about it and looked away.

    It's obviously not how things
    should have been etc etc.
    Lost my cool etc etc. No point
    for arguing My bad etc etc

    Sorry for being "weird"

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    Thanks for mentioning it.

    I was under pressure at the
    time. No it wasn't serious I
    apologise for this.

    It was a mistake
    originally, I can see that.

    Thanks again for pointing
    out my error:( sigh

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    True. It's annoying us.

    going insane at this end.
    Our cats just sat on top
    of me, I've gone bed very upset.

    See ya around guy laters:):):)

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    It's also made my lass wonder
    why I'm not paying her that
    usually cool vibes between us.

    We are going for councillor
    approach next week.

    Jesus guys it's really been laid
    on here. I've now said all I can.

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    i flipped out being about
    getting mocked .
    It's meesin with my mind

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    I've been on here 8yrs the guy
    that interfered is nobody I've
    even met before in person.

    I've been here

    I've never interfered with
    anyone wtf is going on with it

    Seriously? Arggg man this ain't rad.

    Pleassseee what should I do?
    Wish I said this in the original first
    place. Who am I?

    I'd have done better if knew a
    few more people on here I reckon
    that could have vouched.

    Gawd. I must seem like total C.

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    Apologies again.